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Region: The Great Chili

Bun queen

Bun queen wrote:Another boring day on the planet of Karyo this city wide planet was once buzzing with life and happiness. That was until Frieza showed up on the planet and put the entire planet under his reign. Every day was a living hell for this planet and its population couldn't do anything against the Frieza Force due to their high power level.

It wouldn't be until years later that this planet can finally live in peace hearing that Frieza has been defeated by a strong warrior on the planet Namek.

"Frieza is dead!" An alien inside the bar shouted as all the other aliens in the bar began cheering finally the tyrant was dead and the universe can live in peace, however a certain Saiyan woman who escaped Planet Vegeta as a baby wasn't all happy about this.

The Saiyan's name was Cress years ago she was sent away in a pod towards this planet for some odd reason. When she crash landed on the planet itself she was raised by the locals and hidden away from the Frieza Forces her so called 'adopted parents' cut her tail off so she wouldn't transform into a Great Ape form and get everybody else's attention.

But with Frieza dead she can roam the stars now without having any troubles though she was quiet sadden to hear that Frieza was killed. He could've have been a great opponent to fight.

"A real shame." Cress said to herself as she left the bar as it started getting loud with the cheering going on.

"Hurry up and start the ship! She's coming!" A blue skinned alien woman said to her pilot as sounds of ki blast fire is heard through out the ship.

"I can't Commander we don't have enough fuel in our ship drives!" The pilot said.

It wasn't long before the door to the bridge was blasted open sending the dooe towards the pilot killing him in the process as Cress entered the room her long black hair was tied into a pony tail.

"Well funny seeing you here Commander Nilla, finally decide to leave my planet alone?" Cress asked as her jade green eyes stared at Nilla's eyes.

"Listen brat! We have nothing to do with this planet anymore! Its no use to us with Frieza dead!" Nilla said.

"Now let me go..."

"Heh, funny you think I'm going to let you go? You need to pay for your crimes against the people of Karyo you killed innocent lives during your rule over this planet, I will not let you go til' your body hits the ground." Cress said as her right fist glowed with red ki energy.

"Then I guess we'll both go to this planet's hell!" Nilla said as she grabbed her ki energy blade and tried hitting Cress with it.

However, she is met with a super hard ki punch to the gut Nilla grunted in pain as she spit out purple blood as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

"That is for the lives you have taken." Cress said as she slowly moved her fist away as Commander Nilla fell on the ground dead.

Finally the overseer of this planet was finally dead and the population here can live in peace.

OOC: RP Opened!