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Region: The Great Chili

ZOCOM wrote:--Elder Lich's office--

It quickly became apparent to the Lich that this apparition was no mere hologram or illusion, the boy was here with him but using some unknown means of doing so... Though hearing that someone took over his body just as the beast that now warps duncan had done on that night. "... Interesting. Its awfully coincidental that the both of your seemed to turn on that same day" The Lich's tone did lighten as his desk was destroyed against the wall of his office.

All he could do was stand there as this boy postured and shoves his filthy self righteous hand on his face and even having to listen to the threat of burning the order to the ground. The Lich's sunken and ashen eyes just burn into the boys fresh face before he just starts laughing, almost doubling over in his condescension "You-You really think that we'll let you get away, BECAUSE YOU THREATENED US?! Someone will die. If you escape just who you think gets the blame for that failure? The failure belongs to Duncan for both failing to kill you, failing to bring you in after you returned and now failing to kill you and Gregor here. Not even the crown and their stalling will stop me from eradicating a failure like him. As for burning down the order, go right ahead. Many more will rise to take our place, we are bt servants to an idea. And you cannot kill an idea! Now, if you are done talking nonsense and flaunting your ridiculous ideals around like a child, begone. I have no more patience for you." He says turning away from Heimrich to leave his office.

The Lich reaches for the doorknob, more than ready to leave an overidealistic simpleton to his own devices. Heimrich's head drops slightly, accepting the fact that he would not dissuade the Lich. "You were wrong about one thing."

With a single thought, a magical reaction within the Lich destabilizes his lichdom, severing his link to magic and letting the ages have their revenge on the ageless being. Heimrich looks back up at the Lich's back as he turns to dust before his eyes. "Ideas can be dissuaded."

As the Lich turns to dust, he does not resurrect, nor does the goddess of Zocom take him to be reincarnated. Under the Mentat's curse, a Zoconian life long suffered through magic is severed from its link, nothing more than a pile of dust in an empty office. Heimrich looks down at it as the office returns to how it was before he arrived. The Lich was a fool for underestimating him and what lengths he has gone to reach this point, and his secret torturing of his victims has finally been given its just reward. But he wasn't finished yet. There is still one other person he wanted to speak to...

ZOCOM wrote:In the distance, Salem watches with interest. Now he was unable to help his little experiment. But at the very least it was interesting just what a new Mentat can do with their newfound power. So this may be a loss, but he will have gained a unique incite into the mortals new array of powers.

Vengeance was barely able to contend with the speeds, or lack there of, of Heimrich. With Time halted to a stop, the beast of Vengeance locks eyes with the Pale green orbs that stared back into his own Emerald Green coloured ones, eyes filled with absolute hatred and desires only of pain and destruction as the eight blows he launched were parried, leaving only one. At the moment of the blades impatch there was a ambivalence of emotions, great conflicting forces within him as he hoped that this would kill him, but as the energy he unleashed only seemed to fruitlessly spark from the blade he dreaded what was going to happen.

I hate him... With the blade completely going through Heimrich he spun around with absolute hatred written in his eyes, though he was quickly thrown through a loop as he was then tricked and kicked into the dirt after being kicked, elbowed and thrown into the dirty beneath him.I hate him... Picking himself up, all he could feel was violently angry as cracks started to form in his armour.I hate him Seeing that look in his eyes, this air of superiority... I. HATE. HIM.

The big flaw in Duncan, was not the fact that he let revenge consume him. No, for he has often risen above it and regained his sanity for a time. Alluded the grips of his vengeance for times... No... In that he will do everything and anything to see those suffer with all his power no matter the cost. For Duncan's ugliest sin, is his wrath.

"Oh? You're actually going to force yourself into evolution Vengeance..." Salem commented as he clasped his hands behind his back, one of the many ancient script runes on his body starts to shine a deep blue colour while the god himself just seems to smile. "It all begins for the end. No one willing to back down... No one wanting to lose... No one leaves with their head held high."

As the final crack splits in his mask, Vengeance grits his teeth to the point of blood dripping from his mouth as Heimrich forced him to look up into his face. As the entire system of armour starts to shatter and fall away from his body, revealing the intact clothes and skin underneath, all Heimrich would see are a pair of void black eyes at first before steam explodes from beneath the cracks before a jet of rose coloured energy followed soon after that tore at the ground beneath him, ripping away the ground and the barrier above them as it starts to collapse all around them. Through the rapturous energy that pierced the sky a warped voice screams out from within it "I'M GOING TO END YOU EVEN IF I HAVE TO THROW AWAY EVERYTHING TO DO IT!!" This scream was shortly followed by a large spear of bone being hurled out of the spiralling rapture of energy, splitting it in two to show off the awful among mate within. Curved horns of bone that link to a strip of bone that covers his mouth and nose rest upon his head, as a demonic yet pure white wing sprouts over his left shoulder, the same bone material covers his right leg, left arm and half of his chest as it loops round and runs all up and down his spine. "Heimrich!!!" Holding a hand out to his side bone started to ignite and appear in his hand as he creates another spear. This was truly the final round, because after this, there was no way that Duncan's body could survive another devastating push like this.

OOC: I noticed your misconception earlier too, time slowing is from Heimrich's perspective, he isn't actually controlling time.

As Vengeance embraces his Wrath Heimrich drifts back, for a moment a wraith as he watches his enemy reemerge. But he knew better than to go back in headlong.

"Yeah yeah!" Atticus remains on the sidelines, but it doesnt stop him from shadowboxing in excitement, unable now to keep still. "That's what I'm talking about! Keep tapping into it, you haven't even scratched the surface!"

Unlike him Alice is quiet, overtaken in a sense of wonder at what Heimrich has accomplished. Also much unlike the others, she can almost swear that there is something off in what's happening.

This is just your transitionary step, Heimrich knew as he stands relaxed, walking slowly counterclockwise to Vengeance. Soon you'll break your human limits. Show me! Hand raised in a flash, Heimrich fires off over a dozen emerald beams that arc towards, aimed left right center and above to force him into action.