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Region: The Great Chili

ZOCOM wrote:Jacob quickly started to follow her as he kept his cheerful smile on, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he follows behind Pearle "Oooo, back there. Not much of a change in scenery but its still good." He says taking glances around the docks at all the people looking at Pearle "How have the two of you been doing since I lost my first training sesh? Besides drunk and brooding?" He asks as he pokes his head round into her peripheral vision.

"Hah." Pearle only lightly laughs for but a moment, and under her breath at that. Were it not for Jacob leaning around the way he is he probably would've assumed it was merely a cough.She plainly responds, though not with an answer to his question, more what can only be interpreted as a comment on his behavior. "You have to be the strangest Captain I've ever met."