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Region: The Great Chili

Aeritai wrote:"Then we need some way to get to a corrupted timeline before he fixes it and leave." Winter said.

"Maybe that person who messed with the last timeline can help?" Pepper asked.

"Can we trust them though? They corrupted Kalla during our fight against Frieza's forces." May said.

"I mean if they wanted us dead they would've killed us back in that timeline. Besides when Kalla got infected with that demon magic the magic didn't make him attack us... It was almost like the person that ruined the timeline wanted to help us?" Pepper asked.

ZOCOM wrote:"Fixing warped timelines..." Kalla says as he just smiling "Clever bastard, he sit so many so quickly... I think I know how he did it too. He's waited for us to fix them and then went about fixing them all himself so he could take the credit and get power out of it. So I was kinda right, he's out to make us look like chumps. And he's showing off while doing it..." The Saiyan male scratches his head about this plan of theirs "But how are we going to get in contact with this guy?"

Their prayers were quickly answered as one of the scrolls of time start to become corrupted, the scroll in question was from a select part of history. But one that everyone knew very well, upon viewing it it was the period in history where Majin Buu, or Super Buu. Was supposed to fight Vegeto. But the timeline has been changed, much like the last time in the Resurrection of Frieza. In this altered timeline there are 3 separate Super Buu's, one that absorbed Piccolo, one that absorbed Vegeta and one that absorbed Gotenks. Leaving Goku to Fuse with his son Gohan and becoming the fusion, Gokhan. The power of the fusion is extraordinary, but there are three of them up against one Fusion.

"Alright guys, game plan time." She claps her hands together. "We'll use this one as bait. Head to... Uh... I guess Gohan and Goku we could call Gokhan, head there to back him up, but DON'T interfere. Black doesnt have scrolls to see what is happening in a timeline, so if you wait for him there you should be able to catch him. Good luck guys, and be careful!"

"Bah, never mind careful, just beat him up!" The Elder Kai snorts and waves a fist in the air. "Take that skallywag to the curb!"