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Region: The Great Chili

Wabacha wrote:The Lich reaches for the doorknob, more than ready to leave an overidealistic simpleton to his own devices. Heimrich's head drops slightly, accepting the fact that he would not dissuade the Lich. "You were wrong about one thing."

With a single thought, a magical reaction within the Lich destabilizes his lichdom, severing his link to magic and letting the ages have their revenge on the ageless being. Heimrich looks back up at the Lich's back as he turns to dust before his eyes. "Ideas can be dissuaded."

As the Lich turns to dust, he does not resurrect, nor does the goddess of Zocom take him to be reincarnated. Under the Mentat's curse, a Zoconian life long suffered through magic is severed from its link, nothing more than a pile of dust in an empty office. Heimrich looks down at it as the office returns to how it was before he arrived. The Lich was a fool for underestimating him and what lengths he has gone to reach this point, and his secret torturing of his victims has finally been given its just reward. But he wasn't finished yet. There is still one other person he wanted to speak to...

Reaching the the doorknob the Lich was unaware of the curse until it was already far to late, it felt like a sickening crack through his entire being. Hearing Heimrich's words he looked back at the boy over his shoulder as he could feel himself turning into dust as the years catch up to him... There was no reincarnation waiting him. No judgement to fall upon him to see what life he will take... And no chance for redemption. "B-But... My service..."

He was fading into nothingness, a magical existence brought to an end by the judgement of a child who had power enough to tamper with a process meticulously made in a time before all of this was ever relevant... That act of revenge brought him in a spot light, just as much as his becoming a Mentat. Heimrich would know that there was now an eye on him, not anything that he could see. But he was definitely being perceived by something at the source, a rather knee jerk reaction to the erassure of the Lich. Though a voice soon spoke up behind him as the eyes still remained on him from afar "You've meddled in something you shouldn't have Heimrich... He might have been a prick but erasing him was out of bounds" The voice was authoritative yet posh, a nobles voice for sure. But yet the feeling, was somber yet satisfied. The voice belonged to a male, one tied to something rather immeasurable and significantly harder to just erase if he tried that again. The male had immediately recognisable Hazel coloured eyes... Well, eye. The left was a milky white. Rather fitting that it mirrored his best friend. Though they too had the brown hair that Duncan shouldn't have, though ulike Duncan his brown coloured locks were all natural... Even if his being here wasn't. He may had wanted one more person to see to, but seems he was getting another person.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm happy he's gone for what he was going to try and do to Duncan and surely try to slander my sister out of her title and home before he tries to destroy our family estate and turn it into a personal villa or something stupid, but what you did... It complicates a system someone has had going for a very long time. He was a worshipper of an Enochian exile from Paradise so he was going to be brought back as an animal to atone for that kind of heresy. But... You've just erased a life from existence. Haven't you killed enough Zoconians? We're already an endangered species as it is kid..." Heimirch would remember Duncan telling him stories of his older brother, a man by the name of Lewis. A prospective knight in the royal guard before his timely demise... And here he was, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked like he was at conflict with his thoughts. Why wasn't he already reborn and someone else by now?

"Look... I'm here to pretty much warn you not to do that again or I have to rough you up abit until you learn your lesson. Self made god versus Indentured servant style. I really don't want to, because you're friends with my kid brother... But I'm serious. You erase another one of us or mess up the afterlife process of ours... And I'll be 'asked' to kick your butt till you won't do it again... Won't, not can't. Just so we're clear... I'm not an enemy and either are the people you've royally annoyed. Yet... Just... Be more aware. You've got real power now. So be mature enough to use it. Oh... Tell Duncan nothing of this." He says point a glove hand at him as he vanishes from sight. The distant eyes no longer gazing on him.

Wabacha wrote:As Vengeance embraces his Wrath Heimrich drifts back, for a moment a wraith as he watches his enemy reemerge. But he knew better than to go back in headlong.

"Yeah yeah!" Atticus remains on the sidelines, but it doesn't stop him from shadowboxing in excitement, unable now to keep still. "That's what I'm talking about! Keep tapping into it, you haven't even scratched the surface!"

Unlike him Alice is quiet, overtaken in a sense of wonder at what Heimrich has accomplished. Also much unlike the others, she can almost swear that there is something off in what's happening.

This is just your transitionary step, Heimrich knew as he stands relaxed, walking slowly counterclockwise to Vengeance. Soon you'll break your human limits. Show me! Hand raised in a flash, Heimrich fires off over a dozen emerald beams that arc towards, aimed left right center and above to force him into action.

"Vengeance is going to kill Duncan at this rate. He's burning up every last bit of power he has just to beat Heimrich... Though it looks like alot of angry flailing at this point..." Felix commented as he watched the barrier that trapped them all just broke away with the power that pierced through it. "There's no way they can keep going..."

Kill him, Kill him, Kill him!!!! Screams through the mind and in the eyes of the cornered beast, clawed toes dig into the plate glass floor beneath him to the point of fracturing, crunching and pulverising beneath each shift in his shifting stance, unable to sit still as its mind only ran rampant back to the most basic of impulses from its original life. Its albino wing stretching out wide while veins and muscles flex and bulge. The horns on his head igniting with a sickly rose flame while the strip of bone acting as a mouth guard cracks and expands to dig into his skin and cover his mouth, through cracking wide down the middle to form a sort of beak like mouth. His eyes twitches and looked at all the bolts as his arms lurch forward, a second spear forming in his open hand before throwing that straight for Heimrich, with a final lurch forward his feet crash the plate glass ground as he explodes with animation. Screaming forward with each ground shattering stride he takes into the earth, pushing his stolen body faster and faster so that the beams would need to chase him while he swiped and lunged for Heimrich with his spear.

Though something seems to be happening as the affliction affects more and more of Duncan, with Vengeance pushing himself through the transition of Wrath... With Heimrich's new awareness and Samuels uncanny knowledge... It was as if with each step that Vengeance made he was... Affecting the land, not destroying it but converting it in such a way that would make Salem smile. The land that Vengeance converted became nothing more than solid mist, not old magic or aura in his design, It was artificial and wrong. Much like how gods of Paradise had their own domains... Vengeance was making his own right here artificially, and growing larger with his influence. Ever since the civil war plenty of people knew of Vengeance and the terrible power he wielded from the recordings, and the templars were aware of him long before that... With that there was plenty of people that believed he was real... And even some templars that knew that the God Salem put him there for a reason. It was not such as emulating the gods... But stealing something they use for himself and for the sole sake of winning, much like his transmuting oxygen into bone for the sake of making a spear.

So in the distance Salem was already rather impressed that his experiment was starting to yield such interesting results. "Establishing an artificial domain to regain his spent energy... How wonderful. He's starting to meet my projections. Mmm but..." His smile fades as he looks back to Heimrich. There was still so much Heimrich could do here, he could have win the moment he transitioned. But what was he doing...