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Region: The Great Chili

Synnadine wrote:"Hah." Pearle only lightly laughs for but a moment, and under her breath at that. Were it not for Jacob leaning around the way he is he probably would've assumed it was merely a cough. She plainly responds, though not with an answer to his question, more what can only be interpreted as a comment on his behavior. "You have to be the strangest Captain I've ever met."

Jacob smiles after he witnesses her smile, to that was already one victory today. Now could he make it two with his upcoming training. He was feeling pretty confident about his training. Pearle's comment put a 'well yeah' sort of smile on his face as he nodded "I'd say I'm a good Captain. Strange would mean that its uncharacteristic of how a captain should act. I protect my crew, give us a destination, treat my people fair and with respect and keep the crew together, to me. That is how a captain should act." He says folding his arms over his head and rests his hands on the back of his head as he keeps walking with Pearle, starting to walk beside her instead of behind. The young captains eyes drift to every passerby as he continues on with Peale to the beach beyond