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Region: The Great Chili

Wabacha wrote:The Lich's thoughts disgusted Heimrich. An evil being in the position of power, entitled to reincarnation whilst his victims will never come back. Only when he realized he didn't have his easy ticket out did he want a chance to redeem himself. Then this asshat shows up, admittedly he knew this would happen, to call slaying evil a crime against nature.

While the long dead brother of Duncan Cross rambles on about the poor plight of the Zoconians he spits on the dust with derision. The Zoconians drove themselves to near extinction, and their goddess let them, because their individual lives mean nothing to her. He had no pity for them, especially for the Lich he just erased.

And Lewis Cross. Never before has Heimrich loathed someone to this degree. Long dead but apparently still kicking in some fashion, and able to effect the material world if his threat is anything to go by. The strong arm of Zocom's goddess and head toy soldier, did nothing to stop Salem's plot and help his brother, doing nothing as he suffered for eight years. He didn't even know he and Heimrich were fighting to the death. He knew the Lich was after Duncan and Samantha but did nothing to dissuade or stop him. Lewis may have a job to do, but his very existence went against everything Heimrich believed in. He didn't care who he "annoyed" by defending those he cares about. He knows he's a headstrong stubborn punk, he wouldn't be here if he wasn't.

He likewise doesn't care about Lewis' final request as he and the goddess' hypocritical eye disappear, it wasn't his problem to begin with. But now that that weird encounter was over, he could go back to doing what he was here for.


"It's been a while, Albus."

The tower was in turmoil, the discovery of the Elder Lich's dust was quite the kick to the beehive as all the Templars assigned to the Lich were now looking all for the culprit that did such a thing. It was obvious that the annoying intrusion of Lewis didn't tip off the Templars to Heimrich's presence, Lewis wasn't going to argue that he was nothing more than a puppet to Zocoms higher power, it was a fact that he very much hated, not as much as he hated the fact that he can't help his own brother... But for reasons unknown to him he was forbidden from saving Duncan. Samantha however he was allowed to save but that was all...

Albus was sat in his chair as all the excitement rustled the tower, as he heard Heimrich's voice he looked up from the ages old letter that he was reading. The elderly man looks to the young man, feeling such an otherworldly feeling from the boy that only filled him with calm, feeling nothing of fear as he looked surprised. Though that wasn't to say that questions did not rush through his mind "Good morning Heimrich. It's been quite a while since you and I last spoke." He says pushing himself and the chair back so that he may stand "I take it you're the one who took out that deplorable Lich without anyone knowing? Officially I need to chastise you, though unofficially... I approve." He says with a plain smile, unsure of what this conversation may hold for his future.

Wabacha wrote:Far unlike her constant exasperation early in the fight, before it went right ways to hell, Scotti is now silent. She watches quietly and calmly, if not concerned, her aura matching, but her aura was just a front. She controlled it so no one could see the despair inside as Duncan disappeared more and more. His body was seen for such a short time before Vengeance began regrowing over it once more, steadily taking his true Forgotten form. She couldn't stop her memories of him, gathered over such a short time, but that did not ease the pain in her heart. Duncan...


A projected image of Duncan smiling gives Heimrich less than a moment's pause, but he had no time to discern its source before the hurled spear closes for a killing blow. His eyes never lose sight of it as he leans into a dodge hard to the right as a lesson from Atticus makes a real life application. Vengeance was still growing stronger as he begins to tap into his divine inheritance, that huge growth in power bears its first fruit as the spear grazes his face, a thin cut releasing small droplets of blood. Not quick enough.

The spear in hand closes frighteningly fast for Heimrich's chest, his reactions now weren't enough after just the delay between spears. I need more. Heimrich digs deep within his core, his aura running through his body, new conduits of motion when his body's reaction time is laughably slow. He didn't have enough in him to dodge this one. But his eyes spark as his concentration grows in intensity. More!

With a flash of light his cut and the few droplets burst into sparkles as he goes deeper, deeper than his body will allow. But not deeper than a Mentat is capable of. In that same flash of light his body moves in the last moment as his mind and body synchronize perfectly to Vengeance's incoming attack, forced to a new level by necessity as he twists and avoids the stab to deliver another two knuckle light strike to the beast's side as he passes.

He's getting it now, Atticus grins as the conflict begins to rapidly escalate. Mentats can keep drawing power from mental strength and future time. It's going to be rough afterwards and it's always tough on the body mind and spirit the first time its awakened. You only have this one shot!

It was no secret that Duncan was only slipping further and further with each surge forth that Vengeance made in his mission to further his masters goals. Along with trying his best to get Duncan to fight back and bargain with him into joining with him... But the Zoconian was too stubborn, wanting to either utilise Vengeance or be rid of him altogether. But such a thing was impossible now, their bodies too intertwined. There was no way to brute force them apart because of how identical their souls were now, there was no way to force Duncan from Vengeance without severely damaging them both...

The spear that Hiemrich dodged lodges into the ground before turning to pure mist, expanding his domain behind Heimrich. With the fist fe drops of fresh crimson that become exposed to the air, Vengeance's eyes fixate of the droplets of fresh blood before it all snapped in the back of his head More... MOOOOORE!! HE'S STILL BREATHING!! mentally screamed the beast dug deeply into the divine wellspring that he had yet to really tap into. A cry of insanity and victory as he finally spilt some of Heimrich's blood, not to bleed him dry.

Though not even he who felt both of Heimrich's knuckles strike into his side, throwing him off of as Heimrich weaved around his mindless charge. The beast came skidding to a halt before he vanishes, reappearing in the closest pocket of his 'domain' to Heimrich so that he could run him through with his spear.