by Max Barry

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Region: The Great Chili

Outside of West City Nano and the Masked Saiyan woman kept fighting each other while Aylokin and Kali fought against Victor's transformed state.

Damn there has to be a way to take that mask off her. Nano thought as she dodged each of the Saiyan's attack.

That was until another figure appeared as they kicked the Masked Saiyan down to the ground after getting a good look the stranger it turns out it was another Saiyan woman that looked like Sabi? Except she was all grown up and wore some type of coat.

"You alright?" The adult Sabi asked.

Nano nodded as she looked over at the masked Saiyan who vanished from their sight.

"Damn it... If the Masked Saiyan is gone then those demon witches are gone." Sabi said.

"But that beast is still around, listen I don't have time to explain but you must help the others hurry!"

Nano raised an eyebrow before nodding and flying off to go help the others with the giant monster.