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Region: The Great Chili

ZOCOM wrote:The tower was in turmoil, the discovery of the Elder Lich's dust was quite the kick to the beehive as all the Templars assigned to the Lich were now looking all for the culprit that did such a thing. It was obvious that the annoying intrusion of Lewis didn't tip off the Templars to Heimrich's presence, Lewis wasn't going to argue that he was nothing more than a puppet to Zocoms higher power, it was a fact that he very much hated, not as much as he hated the fact that he can't help his own brother... But for reasons unknown to him he was forbidden from saving Duncan. Samantha however he was allowed to save but that was all...

Albus was sat in his chair as all the excitement rustled the tower, as he heard Heimrich's voice he looked up from the ages old letter that he was reading. The elderly man looks to the young man, feeling such an otherworldly feeling from the boy that only filled him with calm, feeling nothing of fear as he looked surprised. Though that wasn't to say that questions did not rush through his mind "Good morning Heimrich. It's been quite a while since you and I last spoke." He says pushing himself and the chair back so that he may stand "I take it you're the one who took out that deplorable Lich without anyone knowing? Officially I need to chastise you, though unofficially... I approve." He says with a plain smile, unsure of what this conversation may hold for his future.

Heimrich is leaning against a bookshelf along the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, any hint to his intentions hidden by his blank expression. "I'm not a Templar anymore Albus, there's nothing official between us. I just want to know one thing: Who was the one who sentenced Gregor."

Synnadine wrote:Wabacha

Sam has continued to silently watch, allowing himself to become absorbed in the changes in Hiemrich. Trying to learn what he can, finding an explanation. Just what this new transformation no, state of being means. So much so that he almost completely misses the fact that Duncan, or rather Vengeance, has long since broken the barrier keeping this event contained. In a moment of clarity Sam breaks from his self imposed spell over Heimrich's status and immediately crouches down, placing both hands upon the ground as a new barrier rises to perfectly replace the first, only far stronger this time around as Sam thinks internally. Hiemrich...I can't believe he's grown so much. And think he's packing enough power to break that barrier . Sam glances to his side to Scotti, looking forward after some moments, standing back up and walking to the side calmly. His expression is a mix of being somber and furious as he seemingly stares down Atticus with killing intent. While some may thing this is the case, the aged werewolf could tell Sam is not staring him down, but glaring through him. And there's only one thing behind Atticus that the even further aged vampire could be staring at- A certain meddling Titan God, quite the distance away, outside the barrier.

Atticus just happens to be in the way.

As he rotates around the border of Vengeance and Hiemrich's fight Sam's vision does not break, even though there are plenty of obstacles in the way that are preventing actual line of sight to Salem, yet his distance from the God does not change. The angle may change but the distance does not, implying Sam doesn't seem to presently intend to do anything. After a short time rotating he stops, finding what he was looking for, a clear enough path through all the things in the way that he can see clear to Salem in full view. He does nothing- Just glares. If nothing else one thing is safe to take away from Sam's present actions. Salem is now on a list, and the reasons are many.

Scotti and Alice each look at Sam and away respectively, each wondering why he moves but their focus was on the fight for different reasons. Atticus for one knew far more about Salem and knew full well why the vampire hates the god. Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. It wasn't a problem for him either way, both of them were on Atticus' bad side for various reasons. His focus for now lay on his pupil discovering what he now was