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073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 wrote:Night everyone ^-^

Goodnight Poppy~! ^~^

073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121 wrote:Hi middie! ^~^
I'm not sure, I haven't seen much about it on the forums yet so I think it's still in the works. I'm excited about potential badges being added as a thing though ^-^
Morning Eri ^-^
Hope you're alright ;-;
I live in Arizona so aside from dying from heat exposure we don't really get anything terrible in the ways of natural disasters.
The heat threat is real though, we actually get dorky heat warnings on the news when it's too hot to stay outside safely without getting heat stroke cause it's in the 125s

I have heard a lot about Arizona's heat, and I know its painful. can't be that bad right? The heat is pretty bad here too, since we live near the equator and stuff, its really painful in the neck...oof..

Oh and yes, I'm alright. Thank you for the concern though ^-^"
*wipes blood off forehead*

Krampus island wrote:crossing my hooves for you. good luck

Oh, thank you~
I think I....*checks for wounds* I think I'm alright... =D

The Solar System Scope wrote:OK, be safe~
*cradles you in my arms*

*falls into your lovely embrace* Yeah, I'm...s-safe, don't have to worry about me. Its fine (,'^_^#)
*blood drips from forehead*

Estantia wrote:Hewwo TSSS! ^-^

*does stuff*

Hey there Esty! Didn't see you there! You are such a tiny, adorable tribble~ :3

And I'm back....I think...