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Region: the South Pacific

Abarri wrote:I was talking about the time zone.

They meant 8 AM, not PM. Hawaii is 12 hours behind Central Europe. :P

Estantia wrote:*is prevented* <.<

*squeezes you against my chest* So fluffy! ^-^

Kerlodia wrote:Yeah...
Compa isn't a CPU or a CPU candidate, so she can't use magic. Instead, she has a syringe (that's the size of a rifle) that can heal, and be used as a sword/gun.
Sorry for entering the lore....

Oh. I meant the powers of medicine. :P
*boops your silly snoot*

The Filippinas wrote:*regenerates*
No....*wipes it with own cloth* Its fine, I can do it by myself, Astro.
ow....Its fine though...

Nooo, let nurse Compa take care of you, little Iffy~
*pats and bandages*

Estantia, Poleande, and The Filippinas