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Region: the South Pacific

Kerlodia wrote:But I'm a nekomimi.... *huggles more*

Wat? A nekomimi? Dis is confuzzing '(@_@)'

The Solar System Scope wrote:Oh... Hehe~
Yes, of course I'll- *is shot and injured*

Wait, nooooooooooooooooo….
My dear and sweet, Compa….noooooooo….
*carrys your body, puts it on a hospital bed*

Poleande wrote:Hello all!
I know, it's hot over here. Raining now.
Hi! I'm not Polish, but I have the same name as Poland, plus two 'e's!

Welcome back Pol!
Its not raining here and there's no sun, Ha! Sucks to suck!
*comforts tightly* sorry...(._.#)

Quick, use your TSP lampshade for cover!