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Region: Knowhere

Proximus Alpha wrote:

"Captain's Log, Stardate... Unknown. An energy wave of some sort transported us here, somewhere, millions of light-years away from our home galaxy. The Enterprise is suffering a cascading ship-wide systems failure including life support. She's lost main power... And we're barely hanging on auxiliary."

The Enterprise - NCC-1701, is floating dead in space. The crew's morale are low, yet they keep working as hard as they can to improve the ship's condition. Meanwhile, on the bridge...

Lt. Cmdr. Spock: He is repairing several damaged conduits under the science station's console, with its panel opened. "Captain, I've managed to restore most of the bridge's control. All systems should be responding to our orders correctly." He stands up and closes the panel.

Capt. Kirk: He is sitting on the Captain's chair. "Alright. Lieutenant Uhura," He turns his chair to the comms station. "Try to send a distress signal now, and open hailing channels. All frequencies."

Lt. Uhura: "Aye Captain." She holds her earpiece to her left ear. She then taps some buttons on the panel. "Channels open."

Capt. Kirk: He turns his chair back to the viewscreen and stands. "To any ships nearby, this is Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise. We're in distress, please answer us."

Lt. Uhura: A few moments of silence pass. "No response."

Capt. Kirk: "I repeat. Our ship is running low on power, and our life support systems are about to fail. We are in need of immediate assistance, please respond..."

The message would sound gargled to anyone who received it.

The 1st Galactic Empire

A star destroyer was near by, it was the Chimera, the personal ship of Emperor Thrawn. They were heading to the Chiss homeworld of Csilla until they found a distress call

Officer: Your majesty, we found a distress call near by

Thrawn: Hmm, it would seem that someone needs some rescuing. It wouldn't hurt to take a look but tell them to be on high alert if it is a fake distress call. I guess my visit has to wait.

The Chimera jumps into hyperspace to the location of the distress call