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Region: Knowhere

The 1st galactic empire wrote:A star destroyer was near by, it was the Chimera, the personal ship of Emperor Thrawn. They were heading to the Chiss homeworld of Csilla until they found a distress call

Officer: Your majesty, we found a distress call near by

Thrawn: Hmm, it would seem that someone needs some rescuing. It wouldn't hurt to take a look but tell them to be on high alert if it is a fake distress call. I guess my visit has to wait.

The Chimera jumps into hyperspace to the location of the distress call

Some of the ship's systems are restored, but they are only minor systems. Replicators, shields, propulsion, and weapons systems are still inoperable.

Lt. Cmdr. Spock: He looks into the sensor displayer at the science station. "Captain, I'm detecting a large triangular vessel. It is headed right for us."

Capt. Kirk: He stands beside Spock. "How large?"

Lt. Cmdr. Spock: (If I'm correct,) "1.6 kilometers in length, incredibly fast for its size... Fascinating."

Capt. Kirk: He heads back to his chair. "Hail that vessel, Lieutenant."

Lt. Uhura: "Aye Captain."

The 1st galactic empire