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Region: Knowhere

The 1st galactic empire

The South Pacific

Proximus alpha wrote:Some of the ship's systems are restored, but they are only minor systems. Replicators, shields, propulsion, and weapons systems are still inoperable.

Lt. Cmdr. Spock: He looks into the sensor displayer at the science station. "Captain, I'm detecting a large triangular vessel. It is headed right for us."

Capt. Kirk: He stands beside Spock. "How large?"

Lt. Cmdr. Spock: (If I'm correct,) "1.6 kilometers in length, incredibly fast for its size... Fascinating."

Capt. Kirk: He heads back to his chair. "Hail that vessel, Lieutenant."

Lt. Uhura: "Aye Captain."

Officer: we are receiving a transmission sir

Thrawn: Mhm

Proximus alpha