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Region: the South Pacific

The 1st galactic empire wrote:Observation: The RMB is dead when The Solar System Scope, Si-topia and a few others are not around


Si-topia wrote:Okiedokie
Gotta go, see ya later ^-^

Bye, have a great day~
*smooches back*

Volaworand wrote:Good Morning TSPeoples!

There's changes in the pipeline... which were delayed by my disappearing into Drystar's pebble hole for two days (well that or I had family visiting for easter and didn't realize my nieces would be glued to my computer screen the whole weekend, lol)

Hewwo, Volly! *ruffles your feathers*

Altion wrote:*is alone*

*glomps* Not anymore. :3

Si-topia, Volaworand, and Altion