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Nep neptunia wrote:Nep Nep!

Oh my god....
This can't be real

Anyways, Hello!
Are you new here?

The Solar System Scope wrote:So tired... ;~;
Hi, Auphie~

Are you tired too?
Come here....*pulls you to the ground and curl up*

Altion wrote:Take a break then. You don't have to quit NS, just try and spend a wee bit less time on it. Your irl health is more important than us lot :p
*wraps blanket around you*

I know, I've been given that kind of advice multiple times before. I just....I don't know....
I should probably take a break or something..but its undecided.

Oh and yes, vewy comfwy ^ω^
*pulls you in and hugs you*

The Solar System Scope, Volaworand, Altion, and Nep neptunia