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Region: The North Pacific

The backwardest nation you know

Miruma wrote:Countries in Anea! Join my trade union!
Anean Union

Motto: "United we stand, for economic prosperity"


Headquarters: Urbis, Miruma

Official Currency: Ane (Δ)

AU Grand Council: Urbis, Miruma

The Anean Union (AU) is a political and economic union of 14 member states that are located primarily in Anea. The AU has developed an internal single market through a standardised system of laws that apply in all member states in those matters, and only those matters, where members have agreed to act as one. AU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and capital within the internal market, enact legislation in justice and home affairs and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development. Thus, the AU allows open borders between all member states and requires the use of the Ane (Δ).

It was established by Miruma to connect and strengthen economies of Anea through free trade. It seeks to connect nations towards regional and international peace through cooperation in trade, exchange, and commerce. Its system is based on that of the International Bank Federation, having three branches and a Grand Council.

The AU allows free trade for all members. To further streamline activities such as trade and tourism, the use of the Ane (Δ) is required for all members, but they are permitted to use their own currencies as well. It strives to remain unaligned, as it is simply a bloc that promotes trade and regional cooperation. It pays no attention to ideological differences, and strives to connect all members.

Three Branches:

Trade Council:

The Trade Council, the largest and most important branch of the AU, focuses on the economic side of the organization. It is headquartered in Moisen, Moisus. It consists one delegate per member state. It decides on opening new trade routes, closing routes, approving trade deals, hiring workers, and financing economic vessels. Also, it deals with all funding and accounting. It handles and safeguards the Treasury, which contains deposits of gold and banknotes from each member state. It has 1 total vote in overall voting against the other councils in the Grand Council.

The Council also assists regional corporations in maintaining stability as well as expansion. Several large corporations currently have offices in every member state thanks to the policies of the Trade Council. As such, it bolsters the economies of each member state and guarantees corporate satisfaction. It also regulates the stock exchanges of each country, allowing for streamlined stock trading as well as capping prices to prevent stock price manipulation schemes from happening.

Listed below are some of the many companies promoted by the AU:

Diplomacy Council:

The Diplomacy Council, the second-largest branch of the AU, focuses on the diplomatic side of the organization. It is bicameral, consisting of the Chamber of Delegates and the Chamber of Representatives. The Chamber of Delegates consists of one delegate per member state, while the Chamber of Representatives reflects the population of each country. The Council focuses on maintaining peaceful relations with each member, keeping a positive image to foreign powers, ensuring just laws for all member states, representing each member against foreign countries, and protecting the AU's standing amongst other economic unions. It handles internal issues within member states and also handles regional crises. Unlike other organizations, the AU is not concerned with the ideology of its member states, as it accepts all countries regardless of their ideology. Just like the Trade Council, the Diplomacy Council has 1 total vote in overall voting against the other councils in the Grand Council.

The Council strives to integrate trade unions across the world in order to create a global trade community that brings prosperity to economies worldwide. However, it does not get entangled in foreign affairs and is a neutral branch dedicated solely to diplomacy in the region and with other organizations.

Security Council:

The Security Council, the smallest branch of the AU, focuses on the defense side of the organization. Its headquarters are located in Cohorse, Minuda. Run by a delegation with one representative from each member state, it decides on funding of the branch, liability for any attacks, and overall defense of all AU assets. It protects trade aircraft and ships from threats such as pirates and ongoing wars. Just like both other Councils, the Security Council has 1 total vote in overall voting against the other councils in the Grand Council.

The Council is also responsible for inspecting cargo for potential threats such as explosives and other hazardous materials. All cargo goes through a speedy, streamlined screening process which detects any threats and makes sure recipient nations are safe. Also, all trade routes are fully protected by the Security Council. The Security Council's purpose is solely the defense of assets, and it will not get involved in any regional or international conflicts. Just like the Diplomacy Council, it is a neutral branch dedicated to only trade and regional cooperation.






Minister of Trade


Minister of Diplomacy


Minister of Security







United Confederate States


Theocracy of Isobania








Lotion Empire


Blob Regulators




Dem road mans


1. All members must allow the use of the Ane, but do not need to their replace current national currency.
2. All printing and distribution powers of the Ane go to the Secretary of the Trade Council.
3. All members must help regulate the Ane to ensure its effectiveness.
4. All trade within the AU must be done through the Ane.
5. If a member state's economy is collapsing, all other members must aid financially through the Ane.
6. Members may not declare war on one another. The AU functions to promote unity among all member states, and war does not do so. Aggressors may be voted out of the AU.


1. Members must have been located on the Strangereal RP Map for at least one week. See this dispatch for more details.
2. Members must wire a telegram to Miruma if they would like to join.

Enjoy being a part of the AU!

Anean Union Copyright 2019

Credits to International Bank Federation for template.
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The Backwardest Nation regrettably cannot join this trade union due to not existing on the SR map for enough time. Perhaps in the future.