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YugoTV | Breaking News: Prime Minister assassinated in Sarajevo!

On June 8, 2000, the prime minister was visiting Sarajevo for an important meeting with the economics ministers, where they would've discussed different topics to improve the economic situation as well as decide on new import and export policies.

As he was getting out of the car, a bullet passed through his left temple and out the right, killing him instantly. The police scattered around the area to search for the culprit while the public panicked and began to flee the area, suspecting a possible terrorist attack. The violence, being rampant even before this event, became worse with the Bosniak muslims being more harrassed and reportedly being thrown off their properties and having their homes sacked or even destroyed. Riots also began breaking out in nearby towns of Ilidža, Pale and Visoko. The Serbs demanded that the Bosniak muslims be deported to middle eastern countries while the Bosniak muslims protested, claiming that they are being harrassed for no reason and deserve to remain being considered equal.

The government sent in special forces as well as personnel from the Territorial Defence, which will begin to patrol the areas of Sarajevo and it's surrounding towns nearby. They still believe that the Bosniak muslims are innocent and continue to search for the culprit responsible for the assassination.

The TV coverege was released the next day on June 10, the Yugoslavs were enjoying their Saturday when the screen went black for 30 seconds. After that, the news reported Drago Lurović read the following statement:

    It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the death of our Prime Minister Jure Tosović. He died in the morning on June 9 after being shot by an unknown suspect. The police and special forces are still investigating while personnel from the Territorial Defence perform patrols of Sarajevo and it's surrounding towns.

His funeral is scheduled to be held on June 17, 2000, which will be personally attended by President Edvard Felodolf along with his entire parliament and the family of Jure Tosović. The nation is shaken by these events and international air travel has been temporarily banned in Yugoslavia in order to prevent any more terrorists from entering the state.

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