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Cherlia wrote:The Arg, Kabul

Amir Farzaad Shaikh looked at the head of the NDS, Nazeem Basra.
"I give you autonomy for... 2 months and you already have the Italians betray us? Do you realize what they think now? They give us equipment that doesn't work and we are a joke to them.", Farzaad says with deep frustration in his voice.
"Amir, sir it was an enticing offer though we will strike back", Nazeem says with a smirk.
"You do that... if it fails you will be executed Nazeem.. you shall not fail us again.", Farzaad says then gestures to the door.

Rome, Italy(Sarderistan)

3 Taliban agents disguised as Uzbek tourists with passports and all enter Italy and travel to Rome. They'd spend the first day acting as normal tourists though the moment they get to their hotel they begin planning on a tablet they own.
Pantheon and an IED attack...

All night one tourist went around the city getting different materials in different stores and always made sure to have friendly conversation with the people he bought from.
Days pass while the bombs are made though they made sure to go out at least 3 hours a day, the supplies were hidden and a do not disturb sign was laid on the door.
On a sunday when many were going to 2 services one of the terrorists went to Saint Peters Basilica. In the middle of the service the two with suicide vests blew up with the intention of killing as many people as possible.

Around the same time the last terrorist at Pantheon jumped into a larger group of people and as well blew himself up near the entrance with the intention of damaging the building and killing people.

I am going to stop that right there when your terrorists checked in to Italy.
At least you can let me reply first.

| Following a classified in-governmental warning to all Middle Eastern, North African, and Central Asian citizens or Italian citizens of above descent, the Uzbek tourists all are allowed entry to Italy, albeit on supervision by RIS agents, Police, and the Italian Carabinieri. After the "tourist" is spotted purchasing several dangerous items from local stores everyday, they are put in heavy suspicion from the Police, and police undercover agents would follow them up into their hotel/residences. After two and a half days the "tourist" is spotted buying dangerous material, shopowners are contacted covertly by government agents, warned that they might be selling explosives to terrorists.

At a Saturday, government officials and the police surrounded the building the "tourists" reside in. Hotel services was told to stay calm and do nothing as the police slowly walked towards the room the "tourists" reside. Using a spare key/card from the hotel front office, the police entered the room with guns pointed, surprising the terrorists. The room was immidiately searched, as well as all their belongings, until the police found out explosives and the tablet. Digital forensics operators uncovered a plan of suicide bombs in the Vatican and the Pantheon. The terrorists, detained, are immidiately brought into RIS custody, where they will be questioned extensively. |