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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 1: Bill Format Act - PASSED}
Author: The Evile Empire
Sponsors: The Evile Empire, Dependants

Recognizing that the Senate has no official legislative format, which can potentially result in a variety of legislative formats that can cause confusion.

Hereby requires all future bills to be written in the following format:

Bill name:


This is followed by numbered articles with their descriptions following. Articles shall be divided into sections, the author(s) of proposed legislation may split their legislation into greater sections should they deem it necessary. For example:

Article 1 -
Section 1 -


Section 1:
Article 1 -
Section 1 -
For larger bills

If a bill does not follow this format, it may not be voted on.

*L.R. (Legislative Resolution) XXX is a placeholder, and XXX will be replaced with the appropriate number upon being taken to the floor for debate.


{14} Aye: Dependants, The Evile Empire, Marinne, Sainoland, Sanchee2020, Sorrentopia, Baconbacon123, Hulldom, Mukolayiv, Lucenzia, Laurennia, Mni, Vocren nat, Tavalo

{0} Abstain:

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Palancia (CTZ)


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