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Region: The North Pacific


Moisus wrote:A nearby cargo ship recieved the radio signals, and responds with a simple:

"What's happening? We would like to know your current situation and where you are situated. We can call a helicopter or something like that to rescue you."

The cargo ship was currently above the submarine but as it was a very old ship, almost in it's last voyage, it did not have equipped any radar or any system that could detect the submarine.

FINALLY gonna respond to this (sorry for the long wait lol)

I read you. I am on the bottom of the seafloor, responds the scientist. I do not know my precise location, but I am stranded and I require assistance. There was the sound of static and the radio died.

Yuri sat and stared out the window, wondering how long he could survive before being rescued...


Message to the Moisen government
Madanhoff, Lapathiya

Lapathiya believes it has lost one of its formost scientific minds, Yuri Slovinakov, to a submarine accident, some 110 miles away from the Moisen coast. Lapathiya asks Moisus to investigate the matter and, if possible, rescue the man at once.

Lorigia, Moisus, and Plymouthia