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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 2: Senate Timing Act - PASSED}
Writers: The Evile Empire, Communaccord
Sponsors: The Evile Empire, Sainoland, Dependants

Recognizing that debate and voting times on bills can be arbitrary, which may lead to a bill wasting or not having enough debate or voting time.

Section 1 - The Chancellor shall set an initial time frame for debate that neither exceeds 5 days, nor falls short of 24 hours, however, they may cut this time frame short if debate has stalled and it has been at least 24 hours since the bill was initially proposed.

Section 1 - If the bill is amended, additional time may be added to the debate time up to the Chancellorís discretion. If an amendment is proposed on the fifth day of debate, it may be extended to six, purely to discuss the amendment.
Section 2 - No further amendments may be made after the fifth day.

Section 1 - After 24 hours has passed, any senator may file a motion to end the debating period early. If this motion gets the support of 2/5 of senators, the chancellor shall open up the voting period.
Section 2 - If a senator feels that the Chancellor has untimely cut the debate time short, they may motion to extend the debate up to 24 hours. Their extension may not pass the five day limit.
Section 3 - A motion will be formatted as:

Motion to extend/end debate
I motion to extend/end debate because _____

Section 1 - The Chancellor shall set a voting period lasting between 24 hours and five days, depending on the urgency of the bill.
Section 2 - The voting period shall be open until either a majority has been reached or the deadline for voting has passed.
Section 3 - If the bill has failed to reach a majority by the end of the deadline, the Chancellor may extend the voting period by up to three days or close it.


{13} Aye: Dependants, The Evile Empire, Mni, Lucenzia, Laurennia,
Sainoland, Sorrentopia, New Jakobly, South-East Antarctica, Sanchee2020, Vocren nat, Mukolayiv,

{0} Abstain:

{1} Nay: Hulldom

Palancia (CTZ)


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