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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 6: The Justice Department Organisation Act - PASSED}
Authors: Cesorion
Sponsor: Dependants

Seeking to define and set in stone the important and crucial duties of the Justice Department.

The Senate hereby enforces the Justice Department’s authority in the following:

The following Offices are established within the Department:

Section 1 - Director
The Justice Director is elected by the residents of the Region every six months, as per the Constitution, and is subject to all its provisions. He leads and directs all the activities of the Department. The Director appoints all Officers of the Department.

Section 2 - Deputy Director
The Deputy Director is the second highest-ranking Officer of the Department. They assist the Director in discharging the duties of leading and overseeing the Department, and shall assume the Office of Director if the incumbent is removed, resigns, or is otherwise unable to discharge their duties.

Section 3 - Head of Investigations
The Head of Investigations is appointed by the Director to lead and manage the affairs of the Information and Investigations Division

Section 4 - Head of Attorneys
The Head of Attorneys is selected by the Director from amongst the NWE Attorneys to lead the group.

Section 5 - Head Defender
The Head Defender is selected by the Director from amongst the NWE Public Defenders to lead the group.

Section 6 - Clarifications
The Director retains the ability to exercise in full all the duties that this Act delegates to other Officers. Authorisation from the Director to address the High Court on behalf of the Region is required.

The Information & Investigations Division is the main investigative & law enforcement organ of the NWE. They are responsible for assisting the Department in criminal investigations, offering advice and leadership and to protect the NWE from foreign influence/terrorism.

Section 1
The “NWE Attorney” shall be a team of employees of the Department of Justice, appointed by the Director of Justice.

They are eligible to represent the Government and the NWE in the High Court (New Western Atlantic V. Defendant). Prior public authorization by the Director is required to do so, and such authorization should be posted in the High Court/Courtroom RMB.

Section 2
Attorneys shall be selected by the Director, and the Director may establish certain reasonable criteria for the position.

Section 3
Attorneys, while in contact with the Department to properly carry out their duties, may learn classified information about ongoing investigations of the Department, or any other kind. They are required to keep any and all such information secret, unless under orders/authorization from the Justice Director to do otherwise.

Section 1
The “NWE Public Defence” shall be a group of Justice Department employees, selected with the same criteria as Attorneys.

Section 2
Defenders shall be the main pool from which Citizens may select legal advisers/lawyers to assist them with cases in the High Court.

Section 3
The Defenders shall be managed by the Head Defender, who is appointed by the Justice Director.

Section 4
Other than being appointed by the Director, Defenders retain more independence from the Department’s leadership than that of Attorneys.

Section 5
This Act does not infringe on the Citizens’ right to select a private attorney, or to not select one at all.


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