by Max Barry

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Region: Gay Equality

Daily Report

The Highest Average Incomes in Gay Equality: Top 500: Midshire top 0.2% in NationStates. Top 5000: Aslaclestia, Pueros. Top 10000: Lesbian Piraters, Avalonde. At the other end of the table ... Bottom 1000: Crack of Doom

Featured nation: Midshire Pop. 15.8 billion. Cap. New Dundee. Leader: Princeps. Best world rankings: Top 50: Cheese Exports. Top 100: Scientific Advancement, Intelligence. Top 200: Average Disposable Income, Book Publishing. Top 500: Trout Fishing, Average Income, Basket Weaving, Furniture Restoration, Insurance, Secularism, Culture, Information Technology, Political Apathy, Average Income of Poor. Main cause of death: Heart Disease, Old Age.

What is amusing now had to be taken in desperate earnest once. Virginia Woolf