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Region: Gay Equality

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The Largest Black Market in Gay Equality Top 5000: Aslaclestia, Teleostomi bay. Top 10000: no one else. At the other end of the table ... Bottom 2000:.The duchy of united republics, Juuler haven

Featured nation: REichmiller Pop. 10.4 billion. Cap. Idris. Leader: He Who Walks Behibd the Corn. Best world rankings: Top 0.2%: Nudity. Top 2%: Foreign Aid. Top 3%: Public Transport, Eco-Friendliness. Top 4%: Public Education. Main cause of death: Old Age.

Do you shovel to survive, or survive to shovel? Kōbō Abe, The Woman in the Dunes

Teleostomi bay and Aslaclestia