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Region: The North Pacific


Saint castathe wrote:You are new player in this game?

Bruh, I'm here for like, almost 2-3 years now


About me!

by Asthea

Hello! And here is where I would explain everything that I could about my nation and "probably" a bit of myself, and always remember this new nations


Name: Asthea
Nickname: Asthy-chan, Asthy-san (however you like, but not too much)
Age: *FBI Knocks*
Likes: Vanilla, Meeting friends, Getting one upvotes for the Nation Bio
Dislikes: didn't get noticed by people, cockroaches and corruption rates

Few notes:

I'm quickly to get triggered, so, ahem, please don't be racist

Don't ask for my fetish please, I rather keep it secret

Don't talk using 中文字, it irritates me, why? Don't ask

I'm a Pacifist, but sometimes I can get hungry, but don't worry, most of my warring posts are jokes, don't take it seriously :3

(Unless you declare war at me first)

My nation use Renewable Energy Sources, so don't try to sell uranium or fuel to me

Martantaka is my husbando, don't touch him >:3

Kerlodia is my GBFF

I don't know who Kerlodes is

I'm a little annoying when it comes to fighting, so please forgive me for giving you some offense in that process

Oh oh! I like headpats! Feel free to pat my head anytime! ^w^

what I do hate the most is that you call me shorty! I'm 5'3!

It is confirmed I was sadistic, I like to see people in a confined spaces broke down and just do anything they would do to just wanted to break out

Literally, my country supposed to be a joke, named Asthma, But somehow, the name spelled Asthea instead of Asthma

I found it out few days after my country was created, and I was like "eh why not?"

Anyway, I hope you could understand more about me and a few things I don't like in the future, which I would put up here in case of another new nation is coming in

I may look like a land hungry country, but I care about others too! *pouts* also, if you don't mind, can i be your friend? <:3

Read factbook

Note for all new country in TNP ^w^