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Region: The North Pacific

East tighterrouraeih wrote:If Lotion Empire decides to declare war on Orbitar I will be forced to intervene as well, along with the entirety of the Fusean union, as well as 4 other nations I have a defense pact with, all of whom I have good relations with. So I have my hands tied, I can see you do to. Just caution, it never looks good to side with the aggressor, cause this war might create another Weltkreig(Great War), which will probably result in the shrinking of your nation and Lotions(Yes, I do have connections with OSEAN and Pax Havenica. So some nations from their alliances might join as well).



Ok, not to ripple any nipples, but imma be honest you best squeeze the juice from your last pixels before their swallowed up. As a show of grace, I will bless the Lotions with anything they desire, including hippo might 💪 😤 and donít make me send my nerds on you.

The Aerilia will see you through.

I will declare war on you if you are in conflict with Penult, because because.

Aerilia, Lorigia, Sarkis, Islands of Washington, and 2 othersRaccooniah, and Fuseana