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Coromina industrial

Necerierra wrote:

City of Nordlando. A place where business thrives. A place where anything goes. A Place where...
You lose your humanity for the flesh of gold. At Day, Nordlando is bustling with merchant activity, selling their wares. The Police don't care whether the means to acquire those is shady or not, they pay bucks, they can go whatever they want. At night, Neon Colours shines brightly in the sky, as the Red Light and Adult Entertainment Industry shows its fangs. Human, Nekos, Kitsunes, and other beasts show their assets across the glass, baiting the depraved customer into their enterprise. Everyday, every degeneracy increased tenfold in Nordlando.

No Wonder it is called The Goldmine of Necerierra

Between those highrise building located near the centre. A Pearly White building stands out, not because it is tall, but because it has a reminiscent of colonial-era building, between the modern skyscraper. The Building is the Mayor House of Nordlando, where its Lady-Mayor, Lailessherz Liftoke Hoffmahn, resides.

"Damn, demonstrator..." said Laila as she looks below her, where activists protest about Nordlando deal with Coromina Industrial..."I really...really want to remove them right now..." For her, this is all just about the money. For all her life as a ruler, she learns that being compassionate will only earn you the sack here. She has to be a sociopath...a humanless human, to keep giving Necerierra their money. She has screwing their people for how longs now...and the upper-class thank her for it...

She sats down at the mayor office, Antique Things everywhere. A Skin of Hippos are scattered all over the floor, forming some sort of abstract art, Pictures Portrait of previous Lord-Mayor also exist here. Most of the instrument and things in that room is covered in gold...that's how rich they are..."1 minute more...If he is late I would reject him immediately..."

Exactly 1 minute later, A man in the suit, seemingly like a drone robot, enters the mayor room. "Good Morning, I presume you are Agent Alkonost? Please...have a sit. I am apologizing for the inconvenience caused by the protestor outside, I have ordered my task force to...remove them at a certain time." Laila giggles a bit, "Now, what business are you here to offer Agent Alkonost?"

Nordlando was much alike the Capital. He saw the bustling stores and crowded alleys, and police above it all. Unlike the capital, those with debt kept their limbs. It was almost unnerving, almost overwhelming, to see so many human faces. But now there was a fleshy face far more important than the rest. The Lady-Mayor herself.
"It's an honor to make your acquaintance, Lady-Mayor. Coromina Industrial is offering Necerierra the chance at a new kind of prosperity. We could offer trade or deals any day to anyone anywhere, but we at CI see much more in Necerierra. Necerierra, frankly, actually has a chance not only to turn a profit for us at CI, but to bolster the economy of Necerierra-tenfold at least."
Nox grabbed the beautifully-made contract and placed it between the Lady-Mayor and himself.
"If you choose to agree to this deal, CI will extend full corporate privileges to the Necerierrans-including full access to the many corporate citizen benefits, our Debt Protection programme, and-well, more rights and services than I could ever find the time to describe in full. And for Necerierra itself, we offer the opportunity to have full authority over a Necerierran Repossession Programme, simply overseen by CI. This will allow you total access to a division of Repossession Facilities solely devoted to Necerierra. Repossessions can be called for any citizen you so please, so long as they fall under the Corominan definition of 'Debt'. We also offer to subsume any-or no-portion of the Necerierran Military Police with the Coromina Industries D.R.O. legions, which will be sure to enforce Necerierran law in full. And, our most generous offer of all, we will redirect 20% of all profits made from Necerierra, back to the government-tax free."
Nox straightened his back and smiled.
"Terms and conditions do apply."

This is a National Cooperation Agreement, Class III, tailored for: The HEGEMONIC EMPIRE OF NECERIERRA
Under this agreement, Necerierran Citizenry of Echelon 3 will receive: 15% Debt Protection, Protection from class I-IV Repossessions from CI, Access to Coromina Industries Personal Finance Division, the official banks of Coromina Industries, Permission to express-order Coromina Industries products online, and access to Coromina Industries product protection programs, which guarantee that an item in your possession created by Coromina Industries can be totally or partially insured. It is recommended to enter this agreement before purchasing a CI vehicle, for the most personalized and tactical insurance for your vehicle possible..
Necerierran Citizenry of Echelon 2 will receive: 10% Debt Protection, Protection from class I-II Reposessions from CI, and access to Coromina Industries Personal Finance Division.
Necerierran Citizenry of Echelon 1 will receive: 2% Debt Protection and access to Coromina Industries Personal Finance Division.
Echelon 3=High Class; Yearly Income of ▲15,000 USD, Echelon 2=Middle Class, Yearly Income of ▲7,500 USD, Echelon 3=Low Class, Yearly Income of ▼ 7,500 USD
Under this contract Necerierra will give CI full permissions to purchase business-zoned property and land in Necerierra, purchase the ownership of independent businesses in Necerierra, and permission to open a max. of 15 Repossession Facilities within their borders under permission of the Necerierran government. Necerierra will be allowed immediate contact with Coromina Industries in case of questions or emergencies.

This contract may only be cancelled after 5 years time. Coromina Industries may cancel cooperation under the circumstance of widespread political upheaval, 20% loss in yearly profits that can be directly attributed to Necerierra, or high-intensity conflict taking place in Necerierra that is creating the loss, damage, or threat of loss or damage to corporate property.

-Signed, Nox Coromina, Chairman of Coromina Industries