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Region: The North Pacific

5 kingdoms of Britannia wrote:Due to recent actions and talks that have occurred, the 5 kingdoms condemn the vile traitors action that have occurred. Edward VII has mobilized armed forces and is preparing incase war is to break out in Fuseana
Everyone calm down and let's discuss this properly as until further notice I will keep treaty of Capesterre until these issues are resolved
Penult and Fuseana

Mzamo Lindela stared at his desk and in the background of Lungi. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Then, he got some dreaded news. His advisor rushed in like he was in a panic. "Sir!" he yelled as he panted, "Word from our Fusea chapter, 5 Kingdoms of Brittania is plotting to mobilize into our territory!" Lindela gasped aloud. "GODDAMIT!" he yelled, "I knew that they were a bunch of traitor-assed scoundrels! Get troops out of Haiti and line them up in Fusea to stand with our other chapter!" he yelled. Lindela paced back and forth. He then released a statement to the British.

"Look, what you are about to do is betray a member of your alliance. Back down." Lindela sent the note. In Haiti, troops were sent on ships to head down to Fuseana to help keep the peace over there. Lindela sent one more warning to Brittania. "What you are about to do is attack an alliance member. That is treason, back down. Now!" he yelled into the camera before sending it off to the British.

5 kingdoms of Britannia Fuseana

Lorigia, 5 kingdoms of Britannia, Penult, and Fuseana