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Region: The North Pacific

East tighterrouraeih

Western Vapia wrote:1. You cant just teleport a navy and 200,000 men. This isnt Vietnam, you cant just send a whole army and declare them “volunteers”.
2. You appear to be stuffing your nose in buisness that is not yours. Unless I see that you got consent, you are staying out of this affair.

I had a agrement with Fuseana, which transferred to Deerfenland when the two merged. Also my troops have not teleport-ed, I just did not put a date of arrival, did not think of it.

East Supple Lund wrote:Deerfenland, Fuseana, 5 kingdoms of Britannia and East tighterrouraeih

To be clear, no one is invading anyone
The treaty has been voided
Fuse is free to merge with Deer
And no land is being partioned
Is everyone clear on this?


East Supple Lund and Fuseana