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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 8: Discord Act - PASSED}
Writer(s): The Evile Empire, South-East Antarctica
Sponsor(s): The Evile Empire, Hidden the artic

Recognizing the importance of the NWE discord server as the main place of communication between many people.

Section 1 - The NWE discord server shall be recognized as an official entity of the region and will be subject to the same laws as the rest of the NWE.

Section 2 - All members of the server will be granted their constitutional rights. The right to free speech shall not be infringed upon. Kicks and bans may be distributed when necessary, however, the people who have been kicked or banned may appeal to the courts to have it revoked.

Section 3 - Should a resident of the NWE using the Discord Server feel that their rights have been grossly and unfairly infringed, they shall have the right to file a High Court case against the culprit.

Section 4 - The Moderation team will be able to create a set of rules for the server, albeit still respecting the rights of residents, not extending regulation past the Constitutional limit of protection from speech that could cause psychological distress, would call for psychological and physical damage or violence, is untruthful and defamatory or is spam.

Section 1 - It is the duty of moderators to ensure that all people have the proper roles and that the code of conduct is followed. Failure to fulfill these duties may lead to their loss of moderator status.

Section 2 - Moderators may issue warning or mutes to misbehaving members of the server. Mutes should last for a reasonable amount of time given the situation.

Section 3 - Moderators may not use their position to unfairly punish members of the server or use it for personal or political gain.


{10} Aye: Dependants, Mni, South-East Antarctica, United Soviet States Of Russian Empire, The prussian commune,
New Jakobly, Sorrentopia, Mukolayiv, Vocren nat, Hidden the artic.

{0} Abstain:

{3} Nay: Ormantum, Tristandecuhna, Drifterica.

Lucenzia (CON)
Laurennia (PRP)


If there's any problems let me know
Thanks, Deppy