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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 9: Referendum Act - PASSED}
Author: Sorrentopia, The Evile Empire
Sponsors: Sorrentopia, The Evile Empire

The Imperial Senate, recognizing the importance of the Citizenry in relation to the legislature and intending to allow for more involvement by the citizenry of the Empire:

Section One: The Senate establishes Official Referendums.

Section Two: The Senate with, the consent of a majority as defined in Article Two of this bill may propose a referendum to be put to the Citizenry on matters of legislation. Additionally, any citizen may propose the referendum to the Senate.

Section Three: All referendums must be posed in a question in the vein of either a:
yes/no question or
a preferred stance question (i.e. Which would you rather the region did?)

Section Four: A referendum may include but is not limited to treaties or legislation.

Section One: The Senate establishes two types of referendum, defined as follows:
i) Non-binding - a question is posed to gauge the opinion of the region, but the Senators are not bound to vote a certain way by law.
ii) Binding - a question is posed to determine the preferred policy of the region, Senators are bound by law to act, or not take action, in accordance with the result of the referendum.

Section Two: Non-binding referendum proposals follow standard Senate voting procedures.

Section Three: Binding referendums require an outright majority of all voting citizens in order to be put into effect.

Section One: The Senate may not pose the same question in a referendum more than once in a Senatorial term or within the same month should the end and start of a new term fall in the middle of a month, excluding the reasons outlined in Section Two.

Section Two: A referendum on the same question may be held within the time limit of Section One if it is either a binding referendum following a non-binding referendum on the same matter or the resolution was compromised due to violations of law.

Section One: As stated in Article Two, Section One, Sub-section i, binding referendums bind Senators to the result of the Referendum

Section Two: A binding referendum requires a majority turnout in order to be officially verified.

Section Three: A binding referendum may set differing requirements for effects, but if not noted they default as such:
i) A yes/no referendum must-see a majority of votes cast in order for yes to win, 50% or less will be considered no.
ii) A Question with multiple answers, if a majority is not reached for any one answer, may go to a runoff between the two highest answers, if the Senate has already stated in the original referendum proposal that such is to occur.

Section Four: If the result calls for action to be taken the Senate and/or Government must take such action.

Section Five: Conversely, if the result calls for an action to not occur then the Senate and/or the Government may not do the denied action for a time as defined in the resolution.

Section Six: Senators found to be violating these requirements may face removal from the Senate for their actions.


{7} Aye: Dependants, Tristandecuhna, Laurennia, Sorrentopia, The Traditional States, Vocren nat, Mni.

{2} Abstain: Lucenzia, South-East Antarctica.

{5} Nay: New Jakobly, United Soviet States Of Russian Empire, Mukolayiv,
Drifterica, Ormantum.

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