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Region: Yuno

Opstan wrote:
1. She is kind and forgiving to me.
2. I agree with what she has to say.
3. She likes anime.
4. Her nickname is "Yuno", a character that I was obsessed over.
5. She reminds me to focus on life.
6. She thinks of stuff in seconds that takes me like five mins to understand.
7. She reminds me that my family is my only family, and that I should love them.
8. She motivates me.
9. She is caring.
10. She is a mother figure to me.
11. She has helped me to gain patience.
12. She has given me hope that I can do better.
13. She makes me feel happy.
14. She is very decisive about who her friends are.
15. She chose me as one of them...

Thank you Queen Yuno for helping me and motivating me to make my life a better and happier one. *hugs*

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Man, rename it. “I think” should be renamed to “She is the Best” :P

But all jokes aside, you are very correct. Yuno is probably one of the if not the most caring person I’ve ever talked to (on Discord).