by Max Barry

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Region: The North Pacific

Ikumi stepped out of her office onto the Balcony and breathed in the sultry sweet air. Mika casually wrapped her arms around Ikumi's waist and stood in silence for one moment...two...
Her soft breathing made a relaxing sensation go down her entire body and back up. She imagined their days running through the woods that burnt down oh so many years ago, and their trip to their favorite picnic spot. Those days felt so long ago, but with Mika beside her, she felt as if she never left the scenic circle with light glinting through the leaves, creating a small heart across the grass. It pained her to remember the ash and death that surrounded that place only weeks later. She pushed the memory back, she wanted to focus on now. Her eyes drifted off, but Mika brought her back as she kissed her on the cheek. A wave of warmth from her cheek across her body made the bad feel excluded from her body and let her focus on now. She turned and kissed Mika back to thank her silently. She went back to her desk and began setting a flight for Xyree. She was appointed as military forman, and she did not want to let this alliance down. She stepped from her desk to a wall phone in the back, calling for someone to setup a meeting with Xyree. Transparency doesn't work without communication, does it? Mika's thoughts flooded with Ideas, but she decided to wait to tell anyone until she was there.

Mika stepped to her side.

"So, what was that about? You have that face again." Her face was calm, but Ikumi knew she was close to spouting about her recent choices. She knew better then to tell her what was planned, but it was so hard to hide anything from her...

"I have a plan...for Osean, but I have to talk to someone first. They would be able to help the idea along." She gave her a stone cold look, but at this point Mika never batted an eye. She's known the look for years, but it only was after the fire....She pushed the memory aside again. It was too painful for her to think about, and she had a more daunting task ahead.

She heard the ding that a message came in. She was just given the okay to least now she had something to focus about, but the spindles...she still couldn't quite understand how those worked, but knew what they did. She helped create some pretty dangerous weapons, but those....she decided she was glad to be on their side. The air became sour, as if she just ate 5 lemon heads at once. The idea mad her laugh, but it burnt her lungs as she breathed....Her eyes became watery, but Mika quickly wiped them way. Ikumi gave her a thanking nod, and they head back to the desk to go over other papers.

Enjoy this post my boi.
I actually used this as an upcoming post, just for a little foreshadow of why I included such strange details