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Region: Imperial Senate

Chancellor deppy

{L.R. 12: The Societies Act - FAILED}
Author: South-East Antarctica
Sponsor: South-East Antarctica

Section 1
All interest groups, communities or any associations of two or more residents that have intentions to advance political goals, but are not political parties, shall be treated by the law as ‘societies’.

Section 2
All societies are to be registered within the Department of the Interior and kept in a publicly available list by the Director of the Interior.

Section 3
societies shall enjoy the freedoms of political parties under a well-regulated framework, save for the right to send participate in Senate Elections. They shall fulfill the role of lobby and influencer groups.

Section 4
Secret, unregistered societies (even unbound by a manifesto or a written goal, the extents of a Society to be determined by Judicial review) that attempt intrusions into and influencing the political sphere are to be deemed illegal and subjected to government suppression.

Section 5
Membership in these illegal societies shall be illegal and punished accordingly as the Imperial High Court decides.

Section 1
Attempting to overthrow the democratic system of the Empire, or conspiracy to do so, shall be illegal and punished accordingly as the Imperial High Court decides.

Section 2
The right of the Citizens to protest governments, political parties and societies, shall be upheld.


{2} Aye: Dependants, Sainoland.

{1} Abstain: Drifterica,

{9} Nay: The Traditional States, Marsius xadrius, The Evile Empire, Laurennia,
Northern Timena, Ravennog,
Lucenzia, Tristandecuhna.

Mukolayiv (CTZ)
Ormantum (LCP)
South-East Antarctica (CTZ)
The prussian commune (DEM)


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