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Ironiassia Persia wrote:Welll now he’s y’alls problem now

No it isnt stip beeing wude. :p

State of great britain and north ireland wrote:

Into the Happening: The King’s Parliament

by State of great britain and north ireland

    19 September 2019
    The King’s Parliament

London, State of great britain and north ireland — 11:37 AM

| As the King reads the newspaper of the day, his personal advisor suddently walks into the room, and greets His Majesty. |

    | Personal Advisor: | “Your Majesty, I just got informed the Labour Party is planning to deliver a vote on whether you should keep your powers as King. As this is of important matter, I urge on His Majesty to dissolve Parliament before the vote will take place.”

| His Majesty remains seated, stays calm, and tries to evaluate the situation. |

    | King Edward VII: | “I see that this is certainly of important matter, therefor I will take action immediately.”

| He gets out of his chair and orders his guards to take him to Westminister. |

| When he arrives in Westminister, the vote is put forward by a Labour MP. The Speaker starts the vote on the matter. |

    | Speaker: | “We will divide the House and vote, ayes to the right-.....”

| Suddently, a loud banging on the door can be heard. |

    | Speaker: | “Excuse, we will divide the House and vote, ayes to the right-.....”

| The loud banging goes on, and eventually the door is opened. King George walks into the room, and stops in front of the whole House of Commons. |

    | King Edward VII: | “Empowered by ancient decree, I do, as King of Great Britain, North Ireland, and the British Dominions beyond the seas, use my royal prerogative here to dissolve the Parliament at once!

    You have become the shame of the British people, you have done nothing to ever support them and help them where you can. Unlike you, I’m raised to rule. I don’t choose, but let my people guide my decision and would never betray them. My blood constitutes this land and it’s diversity of people.

| The House bursts out in screaming. |

    My Speaker, would you here confirm to them, that what I do is well within my right, and anointed power, to as King demand!”

| The House bursts out in screaming again, as the Speaker tries to bring the House back to order. |

    | Speaker: | “Your Majesty, if this is what you want, then this you can, as King command.”

| The screaming goes on, as the King announces he will appoint Nigel Ferlington, a loyal supporter of absolute rule, as Prime Minister. |

P A L A C E)

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Really? THAT BEST TING SINCE TINGS!!! You are hired bruv!!!

State of great britain and north ireland