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Region: Auralia

Greetings Fellow citizens !

I write to you tonight with a heavy heart , bearing bad ...yet good news . After 2 years of steady employment , many personnel changes and personal changes it has come to be my time to try my hand at management . That said it is my sad duty to Formally Resign form Regional Management . My new days off will be far and few , and currently unknown . With that my daily hours will also be unknown. I find out in 2 weeks what exactly my assignment will be but i already know i will not be able to Fully Discharge my duties as Head RP mod and most importantly in a timely manner. With the Massive changes Performed by regional leadership i feel they need someone who can always be there for them and the region and at this current point i am unsure it can be me.

it has been a honor and a pleasure to serve you and this great region as your Head RP mod. i will always be here to offer advice and consul. My next NS steps are currently unknown, however if i do leave i shall leave my official representative in my place.

Thank you and may God be with you all.