by Max Barry

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Region: Greater Middle East

Baghdad, Iraq

2 more people have been killed by the novel coronavirus. In the largest growth in a singular day, 415 new cases have been recorded, 7,208 are infected now, about 73% of Iraq's total cases. The mortality rate in Kuwait currently stands at 0.7%, compared to the less of Iraq. Governor of Kuwait, Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah, is summoned to the President's office on short notice.

"Sabah, I thank you for coming here on short notice. I have a question to ask you," President al-Farsi states.

"Yes, President." Al-Khalid responds with.

"Al-Khalid, are you aware of how inept you have handled the COVID-19 outbreak in your governorate? You're doing a terrible job, and I'm disappointed in you. I ask of you to give management of the COVID-19 outbreak in Kuwait to Hassan Mohammed Abbas Salman, my health minister who is competent."

"No, I will not hand over my position! Whatever is coming, I can handle it. We're totally prepared, we have the best doctors in Iraq. You are a shortsighted and foolish communist, sir, and the same applies to everyone in your cabinet."

"You are to leave my office now and return to your decaying governorate. A more competent person will handle it, inshallah, nay, not inshallah, mashallah. Get out before you cough on me." Al-Farsi sternly says. Al-Khalid leaves the office. Al-Farsi walks downstairs to his secretary. "Summon Najah al-Shammari and Falih Al-Fayyadh to my office immediately," He orders before going back into his office. Falih Al-Fayyadh, Chairman of Popular Mobilization Committee enters first, followed by al-Shammari, the defense minister. "I want you two to temporarily depose Governor al-Khalid of Kuwait and replace him with the health minister so he can properly handle COVID-19 there. It may be undemocratic, but democracy doesn't matter in this situation. Have al-Khalid removed by Friday of next week. That's all, you may leave."

The two ministers nod and walk out.