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Region: Greater Middle East

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Board of War

The Board of War has confirmed the sinking of a Rasheed-class patrol boat from the Kra Republic Naval Forces, Seri Sayam.

Reports and footage indicate that the sinking was caused by defensive action, as the ship attempted to attack a Type 056A corvette while infringing upon SPRT territorial waters. A 5-minute long video was released, showing footage from a sailor's body camera. The footage revealed that the Rasheed-class patrol boat aggressively steered towards the vessel, and was repeatedly warned by use of flares, dazzlers, and verbally over a speaker system. A crewman on the ship was seen operating the vessel's 30mm Bofors cannon, which was fired 4 times. One round struck the corvette, causing minor damage, while the other 3 missed.

A second Kra crewman fired a man-portable missile at the ship, which missed its mark. In retaliation, the corvette fired its 76mm cannon at the enemy, destroying it and killing all hands on board. No bodies were recovered. No injuries were reported on board the corvette - it was later escorted back to the island of Koh Samui by a destroyer.

The Zhen has urged the Kra to "exercise restraint and cease from their aggressive acts." The government has lodged a formal diplomatic condemnation against the Republic, and has warned of "further retaliatory actions" if the Kra does not give into the following demands:

  • The provision of autonomous rule for Thai people living within the Kra, guaranteed by the nation's Constitution and accountable to the nations of Siam and the SPRT, or;

  • The provision of independence for Thai people living within the Kra,

    In addition to:

  • The provision of compensation for the Wang family, who have been senselessly murdered on the 12th of April.


Hudong Shipyard

The Hudong Shipyard has announced that it will launch the nation's first Type 003 carrier, after several years of construction.

The Type 003, which has been under construction since 2015, is expected to enter active service in 2023. The carrier, which has yet to be named, will have an aircraft capacity of about 40 fighter aircraft, several propeller-powered transports, and AWACS aircraft. Its capabilities are comparable to that of the Kitty Hawk class aircraft carrier. The ship will enter sea trials relatively soon - it is expected that the next Type 003 will be completed by 2026.

Recently in April, the Board of War approved a technology transfer/design licensing deal with Greatest-Russia for the Project 23000E nuclear supercarrier. The carrier, which has a dual island design, is capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft. The $7 billion dollar transaction will be fully paid off in 4 years, and there have been plans to lay down the first carrier as soon as the first Type 003 carrier is completed.

The Project 23000E supercarrier will be fitted with an angled flight deck, with four launching positions (two on the ski-jump ramp and two electromagnetic catapults) and one set of arrestor gear. The Board of War will also reportedly fit the carrier with 4 anti-aircraft systems: 2 8-cell FL-3000N missile systems, 1 8-cell HQ-16E missile system, and 1 Type 1130 CIWS. The vessel will begin construction in Hudong Shipyard, and be ready by 2021-2022. Experts say that with the designs and specifications completed for the builders by the Russians, the only "real challenge left" was to physically build the structure.

The Zhen Navy will continue its path to modernisation, to ensure total protection of Zhen shipping and commerce.

OOC: Cleared thru discord on 14/03/20
I'm basing the Project 23000E's construction timeline on that of the Type 002 carrier, which is arguably in similar circumstances as this.
The Type 002 was based on the Type 001, so there was already technical know-how on how it works. It was built from 2017-2018.
The same can be applied here - since this is an exported design, all the technical know-how was already bought. The schematics are already there - what's left is to build the thing. Given that this is, after all, a nuclear supercarrier, I've intentionally made the completion year vague so it won't be completed too soon, but it won't be completed too late either.