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TgCom24 News Agency Report

Mussolini splashes social media with Zhen gift

Zhen Dynasty wrote:The Enthronement Ceremony

On the 9th of May, leaders and envoys from the length and breadth across the world assembled amid the splendours of the Imperial Capital to pay homage to the enthronement of the new Empress.

The foreign leaders and envoys were provided with many earthly delights. Thousands of local officials, military officials, officers, and whatnot were treated to the finest foods and wines, pleasured by concubines, with the formal inauguration of the era name (賞文; Shangwen, literally meaning 'appreciation [of the] gentle, refined, elegant) accompanied by the Manchu Han Imperial Feast. Served on dishes of the finest porcelain, the meal was provided in six banquets over three days with over 300 dishes. Bear claw with sturgeons, bean curd simmered in chicken, duck and cuckoo flesh, monkey brain fungus, egg tarts, Wensi Tofu, Dezhou braised chicken, Peking duck, shark fin soup, edible bird's nest, and dried sea cucumbers were served to the guests.

A vast honour guard, with over 30,000 troops serried along the Great Zhen Square, all in dress uniform, brandishing the most impressive weapons the Zhen had to offer. The Empress stepped out, dressed in fine silk robes with jade and silver jewellery, and formally inaugurated the start of a new era.

Thousands of gifts were given to various leaders: a Hongqi L5 automobile to the President of The Congo Confederation, a Ding of solid gold to the SPRT's envoy (Seri Sayam), a WS-3 MLRS for the Arab-Jamahiriya, a jade statue of a Chollima for the Korean state, 100 fine horses to Greatest-Russia, and a set of exquisite porcelain tableware for South daehanmingug. Other visitors got similar gifts; an 18th-century peach-shaped pot for tea or wine was gifted to the new leaders of Maraxias to commemorate the loss of their dear Kaiser, a Dehua porcelain ink brush holder for leader Mussolini of Greater-italia, and much more.

With the new era name officially inked, the Zhen has entered the first year of the Shangwen Era.

OOC: I'm assuming that people are coming

After accepting the gracious gift given by the Zhen Dynasty at the ceremoney. Mussolini quickly took to social media to provide an array of photos of the gift. Stating,

"I wish to thank the Zhen Dynasty for such a wonderufl gift. Let us look forward to Zhen-Italian relations in the future!"

Many agreed with his statement & provided similar comments of support for the Zhen Nation.

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President Mussolini's Response to Central American Military Celebration

Central American Alliance wrote:Live | CB24 Centroamérica
- Guatemala City, DF

Army day parade: 196 year anniversary
serving the country since 1824
Today the Central American National Army celebrated its 196th anniversary of its foundation with a military parade that toured Federation Avenue in Guatemala City.

More than 5 thousand troops and various vehicles from the Central American National Army took part of the parade which began at the San Pablo II monument, marching through Federation Avenue to finally conclude at the Ministry of the National Defence headquarters.

The event began with the intonation of the Central American National Anthem fallowed by a short speech from President José Daniel García, which addressed the fallowing:

    "Members of our National Army... it is an honor for me to be here today to commemorate another year of the foundation of our beloved armed forces. I want to recognize and congratulate each and every one of you for maintaining the spirit of courage and patriotism which has characterized our army since our independence. As I have said on several occasions, the best that our army has are its men and women who each day defend our nation's values and sovereignty. The tasks that we have left to solve are many and known to all, but it is possible to move forward and to do that you have to turn a page. We have to leave the past behind and look to the future. We need an army with innovation, both in terms of capabilities and organization, because the Central America that we want is a Central America that is increasingly secure, integrated and committed to the problems of the world. In order to achieve that we must we have a modern and professional army prepared to face the problems of the 21st century. Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for all of your commitment and compromise to our nation... you are all the engine and livelihood of every one of us. With all my affection, happy anniversary and may god bless the National Army and Central America."

After the speech a short prayer was held, fallowed by a moment of silence in honor of those fallen in the line of duty.

All three branches of the Central American National Army took part of the parade ccarrying out different tactical demonstrations and showed of their weaponry. The Central American Land Army also demonstrated vehicles such as the T72B, FV101 Scoripon, and the recently acquired Merkava IV. Various Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, both self propelled and towed artillery, speedboats (transported by trailers), military transport vehicles, humanitarian assistance vehicles, and construction vehicles of the engineer corp also made presence. Aircraft of the Central American Air Force such as MiG-29s, F-5 Tigers, and several helicopters carried out multiple flyovers the capital city.

Foriegn delegations from Mexico, Australia, Siam, Japan, and Italy also participated in the parade. The delegations were welcomed and heavily applauded by the attending citizens. The Ministry of the National Defence also thanked the foreign delegations for their participation.

Leading the international delegations is the representative team of the Mexican Armed Forces. The delegation consists of 20 troops from the Mexican Army and is led by Lieutenant Colonel

Fallowing is the delegation of the Australian Defense Force. The delegation is led by Major General Henry "Dune Buggy" Patterson. The Australian contingent is made up of 50 troops from the Australian Federal Army and includes 6 bushmasters, 4 Hawkeis, 8 ASLAVs, 2 RMMV HX, 2 M1 Abrams, and 3 HMT extends.

Fallowing the Australian contingent is the delegation of the Siamese Directorate of Defense. The formation consists of 25 troops from the Land Division of the Siamese Maritime Boundary Service and is led by Captain Malisa Supasawat.

Representing the Japanese Armed Forces is the 1st division of the Japanese Ground Force. The detachment is made up of 50 soldiers and is led by Lieutenant General Shoichi Shibata.

Finalizing is the formation of the Bersaglieri which represents the Italian Armed Forces. The formation consists of 15 troops and is led by 1st Captain Giovanni Corsetti.

The parade finally conclude at the Campo de Marte next to Ministry of the National Defence headquarters. Among the military units that were deployed were the Canine Technique, Medical Corps, Rescue Humanitarian Unit, Ecological Battalion, Logistic Support Command, Engineering Corps, Kaibiles special ops, along others.

After the event, Mussolini held a live stream to broadcast his thoughts on the Central American Parade,

"I wish to thank the Central Americans for allowing us to participate in such a marvelous event that highlights our good relationship with the Nation. While we have been concerned with foreign wars & do not wish to involve ourselves in such. Still, we remain committed to defending ourselves & must show unity as a deterrent to forces that would wish to do us harm. That's why I had the Council of Defense approve our delegation. We are proud to show our commitment to our troops & unity with our foreign associates.

We can see that Central America is a great inspiration for a small but modernized & efficient military. Perhaps Italy should take some notes! Haha, but in all seriousness. I am truly glad to have had our Nation represented there by some of our finest troops! Italia First!"

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NOTE: This information is considered Secret or Unknown information to the player base at large unless such information is released or disclosed to other players.

Maraxias wrote:The Summit

The Italians were the crucial attendees. Damilier spent much of this day acutely aware her own party was planning to kick her from office, but Mussolini didn't, couldn't know that. She and Mussolini met in the North Tower of the Castle, the duo had the room entirely to themselves.

"Welcome," she greeted warmly.


Mussolini smiled as he greeted her. Interested in meeting his German counterpart. He looked forward to engaging in diplomacy with her. Germany would be a crucial partner for Italy. Being one of the foremost powers that bordered it.

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Italy to recognize SPRT control over Surat Thani

Seri Sayam wrote:



Comrades, friends ;

The Samui island chain, currently under full control of the Thai Dai movement, have voted overwhelmingly to join the Socialist People's Republic of Thailand as the Province of Surat Thani, considered by the Supreme People's Congress to be under foreign occupation since 1945. The people on these islands, ethnically Thai in blood, and Thai in culture, have long suffered from the oppression of Bandar Singora. They have had their language, their voice, and their land stolen from them for development as tourist attractions to benefit the central government, and solely the central government. Therefore, the National Assembly has voted unanimously to adopt Resolution KPT 2020H, which will officially return the Samui chain to Thai sovereignty in nearly eight decades, and admits the entry of Surat Thani into the People's Republic as the 28th Province. The resolution also returns all the land robbed from the people of the islands at the gunpoint of Kra arms, and also confers upon them full citizenship and with that the right to utilize the SPRT healthcare and educational system for free. The Department of Education has already allocated $45 million dollars to build three elementary and two secondary schools on Ko Samui, the principal island. The Socialist People's Republic wishes for the international community to recognize this rightful retrocession of historically Thai territory, and wishes to deter any reprisal operations by the Kra Republic and her allies with the knowledge that the People's Republic has already established a substantial military presence on the islands, and an attack on them would be an act of war.

Italian Foreign Minister Giorgia Meloni recently released a statement in which she stated,

"Italia hereby formally recognizes the rightful claim of the SPRT to sovereign control over the Samui island chain also known as Surat Thani"

Although a different ideology, Meloni justified it stating,

"The Thai people have democratically voted themselves into such a union. Who are we to deny it? Wouldn't that only serve to highlight our own hypocrisy as a democracy?"

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