by Max Barry

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Region: Greater Middle East

            It's Only Illegal If You Get Caught
            Do to others as you would like done to you
            May 10th

An interrogation cell in Hilton South, Port Jackson City. Constable Christopher 'Robbo' Robinson and Constable Richard 'Butch' Stone had recently arrested bulky Papuan Jonas Paul, who had been identified as a key member of the NSA Dubbo sinking, and a number of gang murders in Port Jackson City. Following is the dialogue between the officers and the criminal.

|Constable Christopher 'Robbo' Robinson:| "I'm Constable Christopher Robinson, and this is Constable Richard Stone. Do you know why you are here?
|Jonas Paul:| "I'm innocent."
|Constable Richard 'Butch' Stone:| "We didn't ask if you were innocent, we asked if you know why you're here. Now answer the question."
|Paul:| "I'm here because Australia is an imperialist bugger, a lot like your shifty friends like Europe and America."

    (The two Constables look at each other. Butch nods as Robbo turns off the recording device)

|Butch:| "This is all dinky die, don't pull any tricks on us. You got that, c*nt?" Paul, handcuffed to the table, tries to stand up. Robbo whips out his batton, and stares Paul right in the eyes.
|Robbo:| "Sit down, bastard."
|Paul:| "You guys are sick..."
|Robbo:| "You guys are sicker..."
|Paul:| "What gave you crackers the right to waltz into my country and shoot us up. You little sh*ts killed my whole f*cking family back in 1975. Remember 1975? We're returning the favour."
|Butch:| "You're lucky to be part of Australia..."
|Paul:| "When did I ask?"
|Butch:| "Listen here, mate, don't give us any attitude, got it? We're not here to f*ck spiders."
|Paul:| "You people killed my family, now we're going to kill yours. We will not stop... I will not stop, until every cracker in Papua New Guinea has their guts sprawled across the lands like you did to my people. Ask me what you want, I ain't giving you no answers."

    Butch looks around, before pulling out his taser. He steps closer to Paul.

|Butch:| "It's not that hard, mate, we're just going to ask a few questions, and all you have to do is answer. Then you can enjoy your arvo in peace. Now, state your name, age, place of residence."
|Paul:| "John Paul, 49, Hilton South."
|Robbo:| "Righto, that's all fair dinkum. Now, like we said, we just want to suss things out. Don't be a smart ass. Now, do you have any links with Vengeance?"
|Paul:| "Yeah"
|Robbo:| "And you admit to planning and carrying through the sinking of NSA Dubbo?"
|Paul:| "Sure did."
|Robbo:| "You admit to killing a total of 50 people over the last few months?"
|Paul:| "Would have liked to do more but yeah pretty much."
|Robbo:| "And you admit to crimes against the Federation?"
|Paul:| "Yeah mate. F*ck your sh*tty little country. The more citizens I kill, the closer Papua New Guinea is to freedom. It's a price you have to pay, for what you did to us."

    (Robbo and Butch looked at each other, before looking back at Paul. Robbo swiped his baton at Paul, hitting him over the head. Butch tasered him. Robbo hit Paul over the back of the head with the baton, and Butch slammed his head into the table. The duo continued to bash the man, punching and kicking and beating him, even after he went unconsious. The two officers then leave the room, locking the door behind him. The lights were turned out, and the men left the complex.