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BBC News, London, United Kingdom
7:00 GMT, 10/05/2020

Charlie Stayt: Good morning and welcome to BBC News. Our latest headlines from the United Kingdom and her colonies today are...


The controversial and groundbreaking trial of Charlotte Atkinson concluded today, with Ms Atkison being found guilty of espionage charges and sentenced to life imprisonment. Ms Atkinson was seen crying at the deliverance of the sentence, but received no support from the cheering crowds both within the Crown Court and those gathered outside. This case has been the first of it's kind for many years, and the first in a while where a spy has been publicly caught and tried in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Cornwallis commented, "Let this be a sign to Russia that we will not tolerate such acts in our great nation, and that if there are more, we will find them". Ms Atkinson was taken from the Crown Court back to her holding cell, but will be transported to a high-security facility in the next few days for internment. Ms Atkinsons family expressed "great shock" at the findings of the case, and were "heartbroken and distraught" at their daughters actions. No member of the family has given any statements to the press. Vitaly Krupkin, the supposed accomplice of Ms Atkinson, was arrested in Norfolk early this morning by East Anglia Police. Krupkin was found attempting to flee the United Kingdom on a fishing trawler headed for the North Sea. His trial is expected to begin within the week.


The first three Type 26 frigates ordered have arrived to the Royal Navy for induction after years of construction. The Type 26 will be newest and most advanced frigate ever built for the Royal Navy, and is part of a larger push for rearmament in the United Kingdom. The ships, names HMS Glasgow, HMS Cardiff and HMS Belfast, are expected to be operational within a few weeks, and the further 8 frigates are being commissioned immediately. The Royal Navy has also begun construction on the HMS Britannia, the newest and largest aircraft carrier of the United Kingdom, as well as new submarines and new destroyers. The build-up has been in direct response to perceived Russian aggression towards the United Kingdom, events that were sorely reminded during the VE Day celebrations, as many found it difficult to find any words of support or friendship for the Russian Federation following the incident in the North Sea not 2 weeks ago. The arrival of new frigates also harkens the retirement of older ships, which have been promised to allies of the United Kingdom. These now obsolete ships will be kept operational until the replacement vessels are fully inducted, and will be then sold to these unnamed allies, which is expected to take place in the next month.