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South daehanmingug

Jae-hyun woke up that morning, not intending to go out or do anything of particular interest. That was until he got a text from his new friend, Jin-tae.

The vote is today
Come to the bar

It wasn't like he had anything else planned. He'd gotten a month off of work, his contracts put on hold. His bosses weren't exactly happy when he came out, but three of the dramas he would be on couldn't afford to find someone else to play his role.

When he got to the bar, it was even more crowded than he'd ever seen it. Folks from across the city--lesbians, gays, drag queens, bisexuals and everything in between were packed into the small space, staring at the TV. It was a politics channel which played live recordings of government functions. Normally, no one watched, but today was different. Jin-tae waved Jae-hyun over; he was standing at a corner of the bar by one of the TVs.

"Am I late?" he asked.
"No, you're good. They're just starting now."

The next minutes were torture. By the time the vote was 180 in favor, the crowd was loosing it.

All hell broke loose when it hit 191--109

They'd won

People screamed and cheered as the speaker of the assembly boomed over the microphone "Vote to legalize same-sex marriage: passed."

Jin-tae kissed him, Jae-hyun laughed. A woman hugged her girlfriend and kissed him on the cheek, leaving a red stain from her lip stick.

In gayborhoods and bars across Korea, the LGBTQ movement was celebrating a massive victory. People cried, lovers kissed, friends hugged.

And in the wake of a rain storm from earlier that day

A rainbow gleamed over Seoul