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Independent Italian Journalists publish Exposť on COVID-19 Origin

After pursuing leads & hunting down sources for months. An independent Journalist company has recently released a full Exposť which details the origin & eventual outbreak of COVID-19. The following will be a synopsis of the controversial document:

"We start with the company known as Yang Biotech, founded by Yin Guohan. But first, let us go back to 2003 during the SARS outbreak in China. After confirming with several anonymous sources that were close to the Zhen Government. We can confidently say that the Zhen Government understood how much of a threat the coronavirus was under the SARS strain. Thus they gave permission to their military to begin privately funding research programs aimed at studying the various Coronaviruses. We then move forward to 2015 during the MERS outbreak. At this point, the Military decides to shift the program from one focused on research to one that actively focuses on developing a vaccine to combat both MERS & SARS. Thus they receive greater funding from the Government & accelerate the program. The program is still tightly kept under wraps, remaining accessible to only top military & scientist personnel. The Military had to focus on research development for equipment & could no longer actively pursue the virus project. Hence a billion-dollar contract was awarded to Yang Biotech. They would undertake the project of researching & developing a vaccine to these viruses but they would accomplish this privately so as to keep the project secretive. However, as time went on the company began to falter & became grossly mismanaged. Incompetency reached the highest levels. After countless hours of research & various interviews with ex-researchers. We can confirm that this incompetency led to the modern COVID-19 virus escaping the Biotech lab which was located in the epicenter of the Pandemic. Naturally, the company attempted to cover up the outbreak as admitting to it would possibly result in lawsuits, & a possible destruction of the entire company. Unfortunately, this led the virus to grow out of hand until we reached the present situation. This is why we should hold the Zhen & Yang Biotech responsible for the damage they've incurred to humanity all over the world! We should NOT tolerate this injustice. This incompetency of the highest order costed THOUSANDS of Italians their lives & countless more across the globe!"

This report immediately sparked outrage across Italia as many demanded that justice be handed out. President Mussolini had no comment on the situation. However, Foreign Minister Meloni stated,

"We will work with the Zhen Dynasty to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to punish those responsible for such incompetency. We will not let such a grave report go unnoticed"

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