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America to deploy to Siam

Early this morning, President Bowman announced from the steps of the Union House the deployment of 9,000 United Provinces Armed Forces Personnel to Seri Sayam, to aid the government in stabilization efforts throughout the region.

In addition to the ground personnel being committed to this mission of peace, cooperation, and friendship Carrier Strike Group 5, known as the "Eliana Tandi Strike Group" will be re-eployed from its position in Japan to the Gulf of Thailand for the duration of Operations in the region. Carrier Strike Group 1, will be Re-deployed to Japan for the duration of Operations.

Carrier Strike Group 5 will be carrying 3 Fighter Squadrons, totaling 60 F/A-18E Super Hornet Jets. In addition 2 Helicopter Squadrons, 1 Electronic Attack Squadron, and 1 Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron.

The 9,000 Ground Personnel will be deployed with several hundred HMMWV's, several hundred FMTV Trucks, 50 Oshkosh HET (Tractors), 50 M1117 (APC), 100 M2 Bradley's, 20 MIM-104 Patriot Systems, and 15 M142 MLRs.

President Bowman, reaffirmed the media and public this deployment came at the request of the Kingdom of Siam, an important and respected American ally in the region.