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Government declared
A government has been officially created for the People's Republic of Basurwelat. The new government will be led by a Politburo composed of the following individuals:
·Asan Hardi (Premier - YPG)
·Karimi Bêkes (Finance Director - YPG)
·Azan Jaziri (Industrial Director - YPG)
·Cemal Xanî (Rural Affairs Director - YPG)
·Kawa Bidlisi (Director of Health & Education - PSK)
·Nazand Saleh (Justice Director - HLK)
·Aynur Mirzo (Foreign Relations Advisor - YPG)
·Keça Yuksel (Welfare & Social Security Advisor - PSK)
·Ebrahim Ehmed (Defence Chief - YPG)
·Najiba Baksî (Infrastructure Director - PSK)

Also serving on the Politburo in a temporary advisory capacity are the 3 most senior military leaders in the YPG and 2 of Basurwelat's most respected economists.

The YPG have been forced to include members of the Socialist Party of Kurdistan (PSK) and the Liberal Kurdish Alliance (HLK) over fears of a military dominance of Basurwelat. The key tasks of the new government will be the creation of a new constitution, which Hardi has already promised will be put to the people in a referendum, along with military victory against the PNM and the capture of Biryar Niyat, who currently still occupy Sulaymaniah and Kirkuk, and economic reconstruction to fulfil the promises of the revolution. There is also a fear amongst the PSK and HLK that the YPG will become the national military force, which would ensure the predominance of the YPG above any other opposition groups. However attempts to create a national army are futile in the current climate with YPG units engaged in active combat and no real alternative military structure. Nazand Saleh will no doubt focus on the establishment of a national police force independent of the YPG to provide an alternative power base to challenge the monopoly on legal violence that the YPG currently possesses, in its eyes at least.