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Region: Greater Middle East

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Board of Works submits 'Free Public Transit' Bill to Provincial Assemblies

In lieu of the National Assembly (which has been dissolved in perpetuity), the Provincial Assemblies and Imperial Cabinet have subsumed all legislative functions.

The Board of Works has submitted a legislative proposal, which would make public transit completely free. This only applies to buses, ferry services, or the subway - and not flights or trains.

The Board hopes that by making public transit free, more people will prefer public transit over private vehicles. By doing so, roads can experience decreased congestion and faster average speeds, as well as fewer traffic accidents, easier parking, and monetary savings from reduced wear and tear on roads.

By making transit free, there is also increased public access, especially for the poor, which can make work commute easier. Reducing the amount of vehicles on the road can also bring about environmental benefits, including decreased air pollution and noise pollution from road traffic. This is particularly evident in the Zhen, where a vast majority of buses and taxis are electric vehicles - environmental benefits are expected to occur more substantially.

The bill has been tabled to the Provincial Assemblies of Huguang, Henan, Shandong, Liangjiang, and Liaodong. If they are passed, public transit will be rendered free in those regions, effective immediately.