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Region: Greater Middle East

News from the The Islamic Republic of Sahuria:
13th of May, 2020

    Government publishes details of new reform package

    With the economic downturn of the country seemingly worsening, the Party of National Salvation with the lead of President Nasser al-Hasshem, has drafted and passed a reform package in the National Assembly. The package is mainly focused on combating corruption and aiding farmers who have bore the brunt of the economic situation. The most important measures within this package are:

      - Shortening the mandatory conscription
      - Creating an anti-corruption office
      - Providing economic relief to farmers in need of it
      - Raising the salaries of public sector workers

    While not included in the final draft of the package, the government has also signaled that it was willing to look into repealing certain laws that clamp down on press freedoms or prohibit the freedom of association. However, according to General al-Tahan, the Minister of Defence, "repealing such laws at the current time would not be feasible, due to two ongoing anti-terrorist operations. With subversive elements operating in the country, such a move would most certainly be detrimental".

    The measures included in the reform package will be enacted as soon as possible, with President al-Hasshem being cited saying that "... [the Anti-Corruption Office] will be up and operational within this week, should all go according to plan". Likewise, any farmer being able to provide proof of their economic situation will be able to apply for the economic relief starting from the 20th of May.

Al-Nasr News
Al-Qaitabh, Sahuria

[Al-Nasr News is the state run news agency of Sahuria]