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Nusantara Times Special: Field Report from Kra
Report by Lukas Simanjutak

May 13th, 2020
Bandar Singora, Kra Republic


    | Bandar Singora - It has been two days since the ICF began their first engagement, and yesterday the army began their land based engagement north. The night bombing mission, conducted for a two days period was a major success. With no civilian casualties reported, the air force is expected to continue the mission tomorrow, with the navy yet again participating. After I was able to contact General Agus Supratno by phone, he mentioned several details regarding Operation Surya. In which he mentions the inclusion of the new 500 soldier to the operation, increasing the number to 3,300 soldiers and the use of military drone for reconnaissance. Furthermore, the navy will also conduct reconnaissance mission in the Gulf of Siam, Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea as part of a separate operation to monitor foreign naval activity in around Kra. Another details he mentioned was from Operation Garuda. One of it was regarding one of the bombers being damaged by a SAM missiles, which resulted in pilot having to eject early. As of today, the army has reached northern Kra, but hasn't seen any engagement. I will be personally following them on their treacherous journey ahead. Although I was advised to stay "behind the lines" for safety. President Jokowi has mentioned that he will visit Kra to boost the morale of the troops on the field. With Chinese attacks on Kra, the air force and the navy "kept a close eye" on Chinese activity in the Gulf of Siam. The ICF-C has ordered yet another set of reinforcement, which numbered up to 780 troops, the largest reinforcement so far. I asked General Agus Supratno about the Chinese attacks on Kra, he said, "With the Zhen Empire in the war, I would expect that there will be some sort of tension between Indonesia and the Zhen if both nation, what I will call, 'too close to each other'. If that's the case, it won't be the first we dealt with such topic, but taking their military power into consideration, it won't be similar to 1941 or 1951. I have personally ask President Jokowi to ensure that peace between both state is maintained, and prevent a war between the two states. And President Jokowi itself has said the the only reason we intervene in Kra was to stabilize the country. Not a power projection contrary to what the public says."

    In conclusion, foreign intervention, Chinese attacks and Indonesian bombardment has been one of the most interesting topic in Southeast Asia so far. I would even go as far to say that Kra is nothing more than a simulation platform for foreign powers to use their power into. And I had hoped for the best for the Kra people in these trying times.

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